October 21, 2013

Announcement of New and Innovative Camera QR Plates from Desmond

Desmond New QR Plates overview
I have already mentioned in a previous post that the Desmond Photographic Distribution, USA team has been very productive lately.
Besides the New Budget Line of Nodal Slides and Multipurpose Rails, I received a batch of new goodies for evaluation recently, most of them very interesting.
Among these items are three new camera quick release plates with innovative design. Although, universal in nature each one addresses specific needs in a way.

Desmond DS-1 Simplicity QR Plate

Desmond DS-1 Simplicity plate bottom view
Manufacturer Specification:
Height:7 mm
Width:38 mm
Length:38 mm
Weight:19 gr

The DS-1 Simplicity Plate is a skeleton bidirectional Arca-Swiss® compatible plate with ultra slim and lightweight characteristics. One full length slot permits its adjustment in any direction while its D-ring screw facilitates quick mounting.

Includes 1 x 1/4"-20 hex-socket D-Ring screw.

Desmond DSP-1 50mm QR Plate w/ Sliding Backstop

Desmond DSP-1 50mm plate w/ sliding backstop
Manufacturer Specification:
Height:10 mm
Width:38 mm
Backstop Length:50 mm
Length:50 mm
Weight:41 gr

The DSP-1 is based on a 50mm Arca-Swiss® compatible QR plate but features an anti-twist sliding backstop which enables it to fit on a large number of camera bases of various widths. E.g. can sit straight on a camera base, as well as when the camera is equipped with a wider based battery grip.

Includes 1 x 1/4"-20 hex socket screw and 2 x M3 safety stop screws.

Desmond DTB-60 QR Plate w/ Twin Bosses

Desmond DPS-60 mm plate w/ dual strap loops
Manufacturer Specification:
Height:10 mm
Width:38 mm
Dovetail Length:60 mm
Total Length:72 mm
Weight:43 gr

This 60mm long QR plate sports one boss / strap loop at either side. When combined with the camera strap loops it enables the simultaneous attachment of a neck strap and a wrist strap on your camera, one at each side.
Includes 1 x 1/4"-20 hex-socket screw and 2 x M3 safety stop screws.

All plates are precision CNC machined from solid Aluminium bars, featuring multiple mounting holes and slots, safety stop screws for the longer ones, plus compatibility with all Arca style quick release clamps including RRS Lever clamps.

The samples are already here, so stay tuned for individual detailed reviews soon.
All Photos & Photosynths: © 2013 S.C.Vlachos

Price & Availability:
As all Desmond products the QR plates will be offered at low budget prices, and will be available from Amazon.com by next month.
Update Nov 2013
Desmond DS-1DSP-1 and DTB-60 QR plates are now available for US$ 13.95, US$ 19.97 and US$ 16.97 respectively, from Amazon.com
Please use above link(s) to make a purchase and help support this site.

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