June 25, 2014

Nest Carbon Fiber Traveler Tripods Limited Time Promotion

Nest NT-6294CT Carbon Fiber Traveler Tripod w/ case strap and tools

As I was informed by Desmond Photographic Dist. they have introduced a special promotion regarding the three Nest Carbon Fiber Tripods they carry in the US market.

Taking into account the superb quality and patented twist locks of the Nest Professional Series, which were presented in detail in the Nest NT-6294CT Carbon Fiber Traveler Tripod Review, combined with so low promotional prices matching the prices of common aluminium tripods, then anyone seeking a very sturdy but also lightweight and transportable solution should take this promotion into serious consideration.

Nest Tripods' Specification

Manufacturer Specification:
Leg Sections:445
Material Carbon Fiber:8X8X8X
Max Height (Center Column Raised):1670 mm / 65.7"1575 mm / 62.0"1422 mm / 56"
Max Height (Center Column Down):1380 mm / 54.4"1285 mm / 50.6"1204 mm / 47.4"
Min Operating Height:190 mm / 7.5"185 mm / 7.3"155 mm / 6.1"
Leg Folding Mechanism:180°180°180°
Folded Length:480 mm / 19.0"450 mm / 17.7"375 mm / 14.8"
Monopod Max Height:1702 mm / 67.0"1638 mm / 64.5"1570 mm / 61.8"
Maximum Leg ∅:32 mm / 1.26"29 mm / 1.26"26 mm / 1.26"
Weight:1850 gr / 4.08 lb1470 gr / 3.25 lb1220 gr / 2.69 lb
Max Load:25 Kg / 55 lb20 Kg / 44 lb15 Kg / 33 lb

The above specifications refer to the tripods without a ball head. therefore all measurements in the specification table may differ from data displayed on other websites which in their majority include a ball head.

Nest NT-6324CT 8X carbon fiber layers weaving
  • Forged Aluminium/Magnesium alloy spider.
  • 8 X Layers Carbon Fiber/Fibre legs.
  • One leg can be converted to a Monopod.
  • Two position leg locks.
  • 180° Reverse folding legs.
  • Revertible center column for low angle shots.
  • Retractable Sandbag hook.
  • All tripods Include padded carrying case, padded strap, tools and instruction manual.
  • 5 Year Warranty
I hope you found the information useful, thank you for viewing.
All Photos: © 2013 S.C.Vlachos

Price & Availability:
Promotional prices are for the Nest NT-6324C now US$ 205.60 compared to 257.00, for the Nest NT-6294C now US$ 157.60 !!! compared to 237.00 and for the Nest NT-6265 now US$ 159.20 compared to 199.00 (+Free Shipping in the US). All models are currently available from Amazon and for as long as the stock lasts.

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