November 26, 2010

Benro AC-33 Short Column Review

Benro AC-33 Short Column w/ extra spring hook
A short tripod center column is usually helpful when we want to shoot very low.

With a length of 12cm (4.72") Benro AC-33 gets really low, given that the tripod legs are expanded to their widest angle.

Benro AC-33 short column is made of Aluminium compatible with the Benro A-2xx series of tripods and you may buy it in two versions.

One version includes just the tube with 3/8"-16 threaded holes at both sides and the full version comes with a top plate and a reversible dual thread 1/4"-20- 3/8"-16 screw stud.

The Short Column
Presented here is the full complete version, plus an extra screw hook for hanging an extra weight like a camera case in order to increase the tripod's stability.

Benro AC-33 Short Column box & extra spring hook
Benro AC-33 comes boxed without any instructions, wrapped in a nylon bubble sheet.
(The bottom spring loaded screw hook shown here is an extra accessory).
Benro AC-33 Short Column w/ extra spring hook
The full version comes with a 56 mm top mounting plate and a reversible stud already attached.
Benro AC-33 Short Column bottom thread w/ extra spring hook
If you already have a long center column with a removable bottom screw hook you can use the existing one. Otherwise if you are the owner of a Benro A-298EX Versatile Tripod which has the bottom hook permanently attached to the center column (like mine) then you may order one spare.
Benro AC-33 Short Column top plate detail
The top mounting plate is identical to the current A-2xx series tripod top plate and has also three small head-less screws on the perimeter for securing the head to be attached.
Benro AC-33 Short Column components
Taken apart showing the top mounting plate and the reversible dual thread stud made of stainless-steel.
The column tube has a longitudinal anti-twist groove matching the Benro A Series Classic Tripod design.
(The appropriate spanner needed for tightening / loosening the top plate hex nut is part of the tripod package).

There is nothing special with a center column really, but the reason I present it, is as reference for my other articles where I will try to show alternative uses if combined with the right equipment. Like a very cost effective...
Benro AC-33 Short Column used in an Alternative Gimbal head
Alternative Gimbal head
I hope you found the information useful. Thank you for viewing.
All Photos: © 2010 S.C.Vlachos

Benro short center columns are available from eBay

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