April 5, 2012

Canon BG-E2N Battery Grip Reference Page

Canon BG-EN2 battery grip overview

This article stands as a reference page for the Canon BG-E2N battery grip and as an addendum to the Canon EOS 50D Digital Camera Reference

The BG-E2N grip is an updated version of the original BG-E2 which was launched as a companion to the early Canon EOS 20D. The BG-E2N was introduced with the Canon EOS 40D but is backward compatible with all EOS 20D, 30D, and still fits to the newer EOS 50D.

Packaging & Contents

Canon BG-E2N Battery Grip - box and contents

The BG-E2N Battery Grip

Canon BG-E2N Battery Grip front

Canon BG-E2N Battery Grip bottom
Off center tripod 1/4"-20 threaded socket and embedded Hand Strap loop.

BG-E2N Controls

Canon BG-E2N Battery Grip side

Canon BG-E2N Battery Grip extra controls

BG-E2N Battery Loading

Canon BG-E2N Battery Grip back

Canon BG-E2N Battery Grip battery options

Canon BG-E2N Battery Grip BP-511A battery pack installation

Canon BG-E2N - BGM-E2 Battery Magazine loading w/ AA batteries

Canon BG-E2N Battery Grip -BGM-E2 Battery Magazine installation

Mounting the BG-E2N Grip on Canon EOS 50D

Canon EOS 50D battery door removal and storage

Canon BG-E2N Battery Grip mounting sequence

Canon EOS 50D Digital Camera with BG-EN2 battery grip overview

Canon EOS 50D Digital Camera with BG-EN2 battery grip front
Canon EOS 50D with BG-E2N Battery Grip Installed.

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