July 21, 2011

Hejnar Photo E034 Nodal / Macro Rail Update

Hejnar Photo E034 Nodal Rail - bubble detail

As of July 2011 Hejnar Photo is supplying an updated version of the E032 Nodal / Macro Rail which I had reviewed earlier.
The new rail code is E034 and is identical to the E032 except for two details. Major difference is that it is equipped with a 12mm spirit level and a minor that the captive slot is now 2cm shorter in length.

The E34 Rail

Hejnar Photo E034 Nodal Rail - top
Hejnar Photo E034 rail top view. It is obvious that the captive slot had to be shortened by 2cm in order to accommodate the spirit level in the front end of the rail. The scale numbering stops at 15 cm instead of 17 in the E032
Hejnar Photo E034 Nodal Rail - bottom
Bottom (or back) view shows a recess in the front, where the spirit level is embedded.

Combined with a Clamp

Hejnar Photo E034 Nodal Rail w/ F012 QR Clamp
Combined with F012 1.5" (3,8 cm) Arca-Swiss® compatible clamp.
Hejnar Photo E034 Nodal Rail w/ F010a QR Clamp
Combined with F010 2.735" (6 cm) Arca-Swiss® compatible clamp.

Update: Feb 2012
As of February 2012 the Hejnar PHOTO E34 Nodal /Macro rail has a minor but very useful update. It has decimal scales engraved on both sides on top at full length, which proves very helpful when viewing the rail at vertical orientation.

Updated Hejnar Photo E034 Nodal Rail w/ F62 QR Clamp
The new E034 rail with F62 quick release clamp as a package.

All Photos used by permission: © 2011-2012 Chris Hejnar / Hejnar Photo

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