November 5, 2012

A Quality Lens Cleaning Cloth by Sunwayfoto

Sunwayfoto Lens Cleaning Cloth box & contents
Sunwayfoto is expanding their line of useful accessories by the introduction of their quality Lens Cleaning Cloth individually packaged available for everybody.

Originally the Cleaning Cloth had started shipping in the past summer, included in all Sunwayfoto Ball-head, Leveling Base and Indexing Rotator boxes, intended for their maintenance.

However, its smooth texture, softness and high absorption abilities make it ideal for more delicate uses as the cleaning of filters and/or lenses with excellent results.

The Package

Sunwayfoto Lens Cleaning Cloth box & contents layout
Sunwayfoto Cleaning Cloth comes in a white 5 pack box with some usage illustrations at the back. Each cloth is individually sealed in a plastic bag in order to avoid contamination from dust or dirt.

The Product
Sunwayfoto Cleaning Cloth is made of specially treated Cotton compared to other synthetic microfibers. Cotton although more expensive, being a natural product, has superior qualities.

Sunwayfoto Lens Cleaning Cloth unfolded
The Cleaning Cloth comes in Black Color, quite indicative of any dust particles it collects. Each cloth is 250 X 180 mm (9 3/4 X 7") which again I find quite larger than many similar products in the market. Its texture is very fine and smooth. 

The Uses
The Cotton treatment makes the cloth lint free thus ideal for glass surfaces as filters and lenses.

Sunwayfoto Lens Cleaning Cloth w/ Canon EF 70-200L IS USM
Running a small test on one of my lenses, proved that Sunwayfoto cloth was very fast not only in removing small dust particles but also smears of skin grease which weren't easy to remove with a silicon-treated cleaning paper I used up to now.

Besides being an excellent lens cleaner Sunwayfoto cleaning cloth may find more uses in cleaning also the body of photographic equipment, camera LCD screens, binoculars and many other. Last but not least the dimensions of this cloth will even permit you to wrap a lens or other item for protection from scratches within an overcrowded bag.
As a bottom line it is a very useful, high quality product, that should be in every photography gear bag. Especially now, that it carries a very attractive price tag being in a promotional phase.

I hope you found the article useful, thank you for viewing.
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Price and Availability:
Current introductory/promotional price for the Lens Cleaning Cloth 5 Pack is US$ 9.97 (compared to US$ 14.97 ) and is available from Amazon or from eBay

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