July 3, 2013

New Worm Drive Macro Focusing Rail from Desmond

Desmond Wormdrive MRA-1 side

Desmond Photographic Distribution hit again!

This time a Worm Drive Macro Focusing Rail promises precision focusing within a range of 55 mm bearing a price tag around US$ 50.00!

Considering that it is also equipped with an Arca-Swiss® compatible dovetail base plate it is the least expensive worm drive focusing rail I know of.

One would consider the cheaper Fotomate LP-01 Geared Macro Rail reviewed in the past, as a rival but it actually isn't since Desmond's MRA-1 worm gear drive is far more precise in principle than the Fotomate's rack and pinion mechanism.

Just consider that worm gear drive rails are available from US$ 150.00 and upwards.

Desmond Wormdrive MRA-1 bottom
The MRA-1 is equipped with a decimal scale on the side and an Arca compatible base plate at the bottom.

I hope I'll be able to evaluate one soon so as to measure its accuracy and load capacity in comparison with the less and more expensive macro focusing rails.

Price and Availability:
Desmond MRA-01 Macro Focusing Rail was withdrawn a little after its introduction, since Desmond considered an internal part was not in par with their standards.

Desmond Wormdrive MRA-1 top side

Update Sep 2015
The Desmond MRA-01 just reappeared with a completely redesigned internal mechanism, comprised exclusively from metal parts.
Nevertheless, the price at US$ 39.95 is minimal for a substantially improved product. The MRA-01 is now available from Amazon and from eBay

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