November 1, 2013

New Benro Aerometal Travel Angel II Series Tripods

Benro Aerometal Travel Angel II series tripods w/ B2 and V1 ball heads

In the process of preparing an upcoming traveler tripod review, my research for comparable models revealed the new Aerometal Travel Angel II series from Benro.
The quite marketing oriented "Aerometal" stands for Aerospace industry type metal denoting light weight and strength.

In this Aerometal series, Benro® has adopted the long used by Sirui® and Triopo® metal formation technique of forging in place of casting for their tripods' center leg hub (spider).

As I have debated in the past, forging with consequent CNC machined finishing is a more time consuming and thus more expensive method but the benefits are reflected in substantially improved strength, rigidity and vibration resistance on the final product.

Benro C2282T Aerometal Forged Center Hub
Benro C2682T Magnesium Cast Center Hub
Top photo illustrates the newly adopted forged center leg hub of the Aerometal travel angel II C2282T tripod, while the bottom photo pictures the older Magnesium alloy cast center leg hub of the travel angel II C2682T tripod.
The differences are obvious, starting from the shape of the spider, going to the top leg joints (which are also CNC machined), to the new leg angle lock latches and finally the more glossy finish.
The new "Aerometal" model seems hard coat anodized where the older magnesium was anodized and then powder coat painted. Powder coating is more appropriate for cast products in order to cover any surface pores resulting from casting.

Aerometal travel angel II tripods come with Aluminium and Carbon Fiber leg tubes in kits with older Benro B series and latest Benro V series ball heads.
The following table shows a comparison between the new Aerometal C2282TV2 and the older Magnesium C2682TV2 travel angel II tripods. Dimensions and weights include the new V2 balll head.

Benro Travel Angel II spec comparison table
Both tripods are the 8X Carbon Fiber versions. Leg diameters remain the same, however the overall height of the new Aerometal is reduced by 10mm, the lowest shooting position by 15 mm (which signifies either a small change in the widest leg angle, or a shorter center column stem) and the weight by 10 gr.

Otherwise both tripods share the latest Benro improvements of:
  • New Tube twist Locking System with dust resistance technology, promising an increase in locking force by 30% and in stability by 10%.
  • New leg rubber pads (feet) made of a more durable material, larger in diameter and textured for increased friction and better tripod stability
And include a lot of accessories like a padded Carrying Case, a Wooden Handle which transforms the detachable leg into a trekking pole, a Wrist Strap for monopod and pole use, a Short Center Column for low level shooting and monopod extension use and Steel Spikes.

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Price & Availability:
Prices of the Aerometal series are expected to be the same or slightly higher than the current Magnesium series, according to Benro policy. Availability is not yet announced from any distributor.
Availability Update:
Benro Travel Angel II Aerometal tripods are available from eBay.

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  1. Could you please tell me what the difference is between the Magnesium Travel Angel IIs and the Aerometal Travel Angel IIs?