October 7, 2013

Lack of Desmond Products Branding Answered

Desmond Products Collage

Although in the beginning some of the products distributed by Desmond Photographic Distributors had the Desmond brand laser engraved on the product and clearly labeled on the box, after a while the samples I received lacked any branding.
Only the model name was discretely engraved on a side.

This is not a usual marketing procedure however. Therefore, I decided to ask Desmond why none of their product samples show the Desmond brand name, or indeed, any markings at all except a model number.

Well the reply, which I attach below, was interestingly, a very novel approach to today's market:

"When we launched our first product, the 50mm clamp DAC-01, we produced some with the Desmond logo, and some without.
The ones without we intended for our OEM customers to market as their own brand.
Since the sales of the OEM "unbranded" product far exceeded the sales of the branded with the "Desmond" logo products, and because adding the logo increases cost and production time, ever since we have gone with strictly OEM (no Desmond logo).
This strategy has proven to be a huge winner for us. We also produce customized versions of many of our products and also some exclusive products for our OEM customers.

Regards, Desmond".

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