December 15, 2013

Full Compatibility of Hejnar PHOTO Modular L Bracket for Fuji X-E1 on Fuji X-E2

Hejnar PHOTO FX-E1 Modular L Bracket on Fuji X-E2
According to information received from Hejnar PHOTO, their updated version of Modular L Bracket for Fuji X-E1 released last summer, was tested to be fully compatible with the newer Fujifilm X-E2 mirrorless camera.

The Hejnar PHOTO FX-E1 Modular L Bracket follows the concept of the Modular Hejnar Photo Universal Camera L Brackets previewed sometime ago, but features custom Base and L Side plates.

The L Bracket

Manufacturer Specification:
Length:9.14 cm (3.60")
Height:6.22 cm (2.45")
Width:3.81 cm (1.50")
Tapped Holes:1/4"-20
Safety Stop Screws:1 x M3
Weight:74 gr (2.45 oz)
Color:Black hard coat anodized
Material:C.N.C. machined 6061-T6 Aluminium
Made in :USA

Hejnar PHOTO FX-E1 Modular L Bracket top and bottom details
The updated Hejnar FX-E1 L Bracket sports two anti-twist ridges on the front and the back compared to the the first production ones. As all Hejnar modular L Brackets, it comes assembled, but the user may remove the vertical very easily in order to save some weight and use it as a simple base plate.
In the package you will find: One assembled L bracket, one 1/4"-20 1/4 inch long captive style screw, one M3 stop screw, one M4 connecting screw and three Allen hex keys for all included screws. All screws are made of chromed stainless-steel

Mounting on the Camera

Hejnar PHOTO FX-E1 L Bracket on Fuji X-E2 side view
Hejnar PHOTO FX-E1 L Bracket on Fuji X-E2 bottom view - battery door
The bracket embraces the Fuji X-E2 body seamlessly leaving free access to the camera connector ports on the left side as well as the battery door at the bottom. Unlike many similar brackets in the market, there are two Φ center marks, one on the horizontal and one on the vertical plates, indicating the lens center axis for critical alignement (top photo).

I hope you found the news useful, thank you for viewing.
Photos by courtesy of Hejnar Photo ©2013 Chris Hejnar

Price & Availability:
The modular L-Bracket for Fuji X-E2 is available for US$ 90.00 (+Shipping where applicable) from Hejnar PHOTO Store.

If you are interested in the product, do check the Recommended Sellers page for a valid Hejnar Photo discount coupon before ordering.

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