May 8, 2015

Triopo Monopod Belt Holster Review

Triopo GL-70 CF Monopod in belt holster

The Monopod Belt Holster presented in this article arrived together with my custom made Triopo GL-70 Carbon Fiber Twist Lock Monopod reviewed in detail in another article.

There is no documentation or listing of the Belt Holster, in Triopo's website or any of their reseller sites. Therefore, I cannot be certain if it is included or will be included in the future with their other monopod models. In any case this unexpected gift, was found to be a very cost effective and versatile solution worthy documentation.

The Belt Holster

The Belt Holster is 16 cm long by 10 cm wide, made of durable nylon fabric as the ones used for cases and bags. This actually makes it very lightweight, since it weighs only 44 gr.

The front side is wider in order to accept a large diameter pod and features a small pocket where one can either store some accessories or use it as a socket for the pod foot as we shall see further down.

Triopo Monopod Holster front opening view

There is also a small light-blue carabiner attached near the top at one side, passing through a hole reinforced by a metal ring. The carabiner may prove convenient for quick attachment of the holster on a ring or strap on your bag.

Triopo Monopod Holster top opening and pocket view

On the back side exists a large flap, half the length of the Holster, which is equipped with Velcro at both sides of its end.

Triopo Monopod Holster rear flap view

In this way it may be either set straight down flat and mounted on a waist-belt or rolled forming a larger loop in order to be mounted on a larger padded strap like the ones found on camera bags or back-packs.


Triopo Monopod Holster rear flap straight on belt
As mentioned above the Monopod Holster may be attached on a wide waist belt with its rear flap straight down. In this case the internal part of the Velcro band is used.
Triopo Monopod Holster rear flap rolled on belt
On the other hand the Monopod Holster can be attached on a waist or any other belt and/or strap with its rear flap rolled inwards forming a loop.
Triopo GL-70 Monopod in Holster attached on belt
Either way the Holster is attached on a waist belt though, it can accept a monopod, like the Triopo GL-70 shown above, to be carried along a shooting session or a hike.
Triopo GL-70 Monopod in Holster attached on belt II
However, it may prove more useful as a belt pocket. Shown above with the foot of Triopo GL-70 Monopod in the outer holster pocket it can very well stabilize shooting video on the move.

Very low price.
Extremely Lightweight.
Versatile attachment on the belt.
Good functionality.

Due to soft nature needs some fiddling with choice between blind and open pocket.

After spending some time with the GL-70 Carbon Fiber monopod I found it more convenient to carry with this belt holster in most cases and used the carrying bag which accompanied the pod for storage.
Monopods like Triopo GL-70 are addressed to the photography enthusiast or professional with a limited budget, nonetheless this nylon fasbric belt holster is targeted to the same group equally.
Considering the very low price I found for a similar one on Amazon it's impossible not to declare it as a very good value for money.

I hope you found this review useful, thank you for viewing.
All Photos: ©2013-2015 S.C.Vlachos

Price & Availability:
You may find similar belt holsters with prices starting from US$ 5.00 either from Amazon or from eBay worldwide.

Otherwise for further details about ordering, purchasing, shipping or payment methods you may come in contact with Triopo's Client Service Department.

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