May 15, 2015

New Fujiyama DHG Super Circular Polarizer and Lens Protect filters from Desmond

Fujiyama DHG Super Circular Polarizer
A new brand name of high end, premium quality filters, has been announced by Desmond Photographic Distribution, U.S.A.

The Fujiyama brand, is made in Japan and is named after the dominant and iconic volcano of Japan.

Although in the future the line will cover a full range of CPL, MCUV and Variable ND filters, for the moment only two of the most popular types are available in the ∅77mm diameter size.

A ∅77mm DHG Super Circular PL.D and a ∅77mm DHG Super Lens Protect, sharing the same characteristics.

Common Features
  • Ultra-low reflective coating minimizes reflection off internal CCD & CMOS sensors
  • Low profile: Just 5mm high (excluding rear threads) 
  • Multi-coated (6 coatings) optical glass filter.
  • Hard protection: Coating guards from scratches.
  • Water & Oil Repellent: Water, oil and fingerprints simply wipe off.
  • Black rim: Edge treated with black ink to eliminate reflections.
  • Made in Japan

Fujiyama DHG Super Circular Polarizer brand

If the term "DHG (Digital HIgh Grade) Super Multi-coated" sounds familiar is because Fujiyama filters are made in Japan by the well known Marumi factory who use exactly the same specs and terms.

Fujiyama DHG Super Lens Protect

These are Pro quality filters with Easy clean coating, and great for Wide angle lenses since their low profile will introduce no vignetting. Further their double threaded, non-reflective, metal frame allows for additional filters or hoods, while it eliminates reflections.

Price and Availability:
Announced prices for the Fujiyama DHG Super CPL 77mm is US$ 89.95 and US$ 39.95 for the the Fujiyama DHG Super Lens Protect 77mm. Both are currently available from Amazon and from eBay

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