August 16, 2017

Sunwayfoto T1A11 Aluminium Tabletop Tripod Preview

Sunwayfoto T1A11 Aluminium Tabletop Tripod compared to iPhone

Another product coming out in August from Sunwayfoto to prove that summer is not a dead period. This is their T1A11 aluminum tabletop mini tripod that is smaller and lighter than an iPhone® 7 plus.

I can speculate that the T1A11 as the successor of Sunwayfoto T1A10 Tabletop Tripod which was their first tripod released ever, will actually replace it. The new design is more original, since the T1A10 design had borrowed quite some characteristics. Now that even more manufacturers have cloned the design, I guess  it was time for Sunwayfoto engineers come out with something more original.

T1A11 is introduced with a Leonardo Da Vinci moto to describe its design concept.

Sunwayfoto T1A11 Aluminium Tabletop Tripod with Leonardo Da Vinci moto
Sunwayfoto T1A11 Aluminium Tabletop Tripod highest and lowest position

The Pod

Manufacturer Specification:
Number of Leg Sections:1
Leg Diameter:15 mm
Mounting Platform Diameter:40 mm
Mounting Stud Thread:1/4"-20 UNC
Weight:177 gr 
Minimum Height:66 mm
Folded Length:150 mm
Max Load:20 Kg
Material:Aluminum T6061

Nonetheless, the design has inherited nothing from the previous model. The mounting platform looks more massive and rounded, while the legs are made of aluminum tubes instead of a CNC rectangular cross section and are screwed on the spider.
Same goes for the bell-shaped rubber feet on the legs that are completely new.

Sunwayfoto T1A11 Aluminium Tabletop Tripod side view
Sunwayfoto T1A11 Aluminium Tabletop Tripod at minimum height

Sunwayfoto T1A11 Aluminium Tabletop Tripod top down view
Sunwayfoto T1A11 Aluminium Tabletop Tripod top down view

Besides the changes, which cut on production costs a lot, the T1A11, is still very compact and lightweight with an increased max load by 10 kg compared to its predecessor, thus reaching a total max load of 20 kg and an even more competitive price.

Sunwayfoto T1A11 Aluminium Tabletop Tripod dimensions

Following the Sunwayfoto quality standards, the T1A11 is made of Aircraft grade Aluminium is hard coat anodized with improved abrasion and corrosion resistance.

Using the Pod

Such a small pod like the T1A11 is ideal for use with smartphones which have almost made small compact cameras obsolete.
The first illustration shows a combination of the T1A11 with the Sunwayfoto XB-28 Low Profile ball head and the CPC-02 Professional Phone Clamp supporting an iPhone® 7 plus smartphone.

Sunwayfoto T1A11 w/ CPC-02 and XB-28 supporting Phone

Nevertheless, the T1A11 load lifting abilities can make it a good candidate for supporting even large DSLRs with an 70-200 mm tlephoto lens like the Nikon® combo in the picture below.
Here, the tabletop tripod is combined with the Sunwayfoto XB-28 Low Profile ball head, which besides its low max load rating is holding very well the quite heavy combo, balanced on the lens collar foot.

Sunwayfoto T1A11 w/ XB-28 supporting DSLR and zoom lens

I hope you found the information useful, thank you for viewing.
All Photos by courtesy of Sunwayfoto ©2017

Price & Availability:
According to Sunwayfoto site, the T1A11 is offered in quite a few bundled configurations, firstly with Sunwayfoto mobile phone stands and then combined also with the forementioned XB-28 Low Profile ball head and /or mobile phone brackets and column extension.
Somehow, it is not clear of how many of these configurations will be introduced in the US and EU markets.
Current price for the T1A11 Tabletop Tripod alone is US$ 26.95 19.95.
Most configurations are available from Amazon or from eBay

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  1. Does the legs have different angle locks? I notice different angles in pics, but don't see any locking mechanism in the photos...

  2. The T1A10 and its successor T1A11 use friction so as the user can adjust the legs at any position between the maximum and minimum angle.
    Nevertheless, the updated T1A11 II which is expected soon has a control ring that locks the legs in two stages, among other changes.