February 22, 2018

New Linear Motion MS5PS_8 Macro Rail with Metric Scale from Hejnar PHOTO

Hejnar Photo Linear Motion MS5PS_8 Macro Rail with Metric Scale

A new large Linear Motion Macro Rail comes to complete the family of Hejnar Photo MS5P macro rails introduced in 2016.
The Hejnar MS5PS featuring a side Metric Scale is meant to fill the gap between the original MS5P_8 and the top MS5DSP with Digital Scale, as a more economical solution with scales.

Somehow, looking at the table below, the MS5PS_8 is more of an enhanced MS5P_8 keeping all dimensions equal, except for being wider due to the addition of the side scale, than a reduced MS5DSP which is slightly large roverall.

The Rail structure

Manufacturer Specification:
Rail Length:203 mm (8")
Overall length:267 mm (10.5")
Width:139 mm (5.5")
Height (Thickness):45,72 mm (1.8") w/o QR clamp
71.7 mm (2.825") with F63b QR clamp
Weight:1.05 Kgr (2.49 lbs)
Materials:Precision C.N.C. machined 6061-T6 Aluminium,
Black hard coat anodized, Stainless Steel and
Self Aligning Linear Sleeve Bearings (slider).
Hardware:Stainless Steel
Made in:U.S.A.

Same as all the latest Hejnar Macro stages the outer shell is aluminum with a 0.002" thick ceramic coating for added corrosion resistance and endurance at a temperature range of –400° F to +375° F (-240° C to +190° C ).
Additionally, the Self Aligning Linear Sleeve Bearings inherent in all of the Hejnar MS5 series rails, have a nonabrasive, chemical-resistant PTFE liner which doesn't require any additional lubrication, consisting them virtually maintenance free.

The MS5P Linear Motion Macro Rail Family

Now the Hejnar MS5P family of Linear Motion macro rails is comprised by three members. The Original MS5P_8 i.e. 8 inch length rail without scales, the newcomer MS5PS_8 an equally sized rail with metric scale on the side and the top MS5DSP which is slightly longer and larger featuring a Digital Scale. More information about the features of the MS5P family and specifically about the older rails may be found in their respective articles Updated Linear Motion MS5 DSP Macro Rail with Digital Scale from Hejnar PHOTO and Hejnar PHOTO MS5P 8" Linear Motion Lead Screw Macro Rail Preview.

Hejnar MS5 Family of Linear Motion Macro Rails
On the left Hejnar MS5_8, the new MS5_PS in the middle and the high end MS5_DSP on the right.

The F63b Quick Release Clamp

Manufacturer Specification:
Jaw Length:3.25" (82 mm)
Weight:135 gr (4.7 oz)
Countersunk/threaded holes:Three (1 x 3/8"-16 center hole and
2 x 1/4"-20 outside 45 mm apart)
Safety Stop Relief Grooves:Two
Long Captive Screw Knob:Stops at maximum opening
Material:Precision C.N.C. machined 6061-T6 Aluminium
Color:Black hard coat anodized
Hardware:Stainless Steel
Made in :USA

All Hejnar MS5 series macro rails come with the wider Hejnar F63b quick release clamp as standard. Likewise conforming to all Hejnar clamps standards the F63b is compatible with virtually any Arca style Quick Release plate.
Further than that, as it is offered as an add-on unit, besides the ability to be reoriented by 90° increments, it can be completely removed and mounted on other equipment or even ball heads according to the end user desires.

Load Capacity

According to Hejnar Photo, the operational load capacity of their lead screw rails is up to 10 lb (4,53 kg) in vertical orientation (perpendicular to the ground), while it can be increased up to 15 lb (6,80 kg) in horizontal orientation (parallel to the ground).

I hope you found the information useful, thank you for viewing.
All Photos by courtesy of Hejnar PHOTO, © 2018 Chris Hejnar

Price & Availability:
The price of the original MS5P_8 rail has been reduced to US$ 335,00 with the MS5PS_8 rail with Metric Scale taking its place at US$ 375.00 the top of the line MS5DSP with Digital Scale remains at US$ 525.00 (All prices plus shipping where applicable). Although the price is lowered, the MS5 DSP is one of the highest Hejnar products in value so quantities will be limited. Nevertheless the MS5 DSP is available for preorders from the Hejnar Photo online Store.

If you are interested in the product, do check the Recommended Sellers page for the current valid Hejnar Photo discount coupon before placing your order in the Hejnar online store.

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