August 14, 2018

Sun Shines in the Deep

Sea bottom with sun flares and colorful fish

Strong mid-day sunlight plays games casting flares on the bottom of the seacoast. A couple of colorful fish are supervising the scene.

Camera: HP Photosmart M525
Lens: Native Fixed
ISO: 100
Exposure: 1/200 sec
Aperture: f 4.7
Focal Length: 6 mm

A waterproof Camera Pouch for compact cameras was used that day. Unfortunately I dived deeper than the bag was designed to handle, resulting in destroying that little compact camera. Anyway, it was already old with its great 3 Megapixels, which was actually the reason it was chosen for testing.

The Photo was shot in JPEG and originally post processed in Picasa 3.0 but considered very dull at that time taking also into account the low resolution, so it was left as a memory.
It was given a second chance when reprocessed recently in DxO PhotoLab 1.2 which removed any haze and reflections while enhancing microcontrast and clarity in unbelievable extend.
Somehow, this proves that no matter how cheap your camera is, post processing plays a significant part in making a photo pop out.

Thank you for viewing.
All photos © 2010-2018 S.C.Vlachos

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