April 6, 2021

New Sunwayfoto DYH-68 Leveling Base Released

Sunwayfoto DYH-68 Leveling Base overview

The announcement of the completely new Sunwayfoto DYH-68 Leveling Base may be considered a major event since the it is nine years now from the release of the Sunwayfoto DYH-66i Leveling Base it replaces.

It is new in all respects, considering a new finish in silver aluminum and its redesigned locking mechanism and handle.

The Leveling Base

Manufacturer Specification:
Model: DYH-68
Platform Diameter:68 mm
Base Diameter:60 mm
Height:39 mm
Adjusting Range:± 15°
Bottom mounting thread: 3/8"-16 UNC
Top mounting stud:1/4"-20 UNC
Weight:201 gr
Max Load capacity:10.0 kg (22 lbs)

The silvery finish is quite eye catching, while it matches to the new Sunwayfoto tripods with silvery accents on black anodized aluminum.
More than the new design, Sunwayfoto engineers managed to get rid of almost 30% of the mass of the previous model reducing the weight to 201 gr from 290 gr.
Furthermore, the DYH-68 stands a few millimeters  lower, which makes the center of gravity get lowers with all the benefits signified by it.

The top platform is a little wider in diameter by 2 mm but the effective mounting surface remains the same due to the rounded edges.
There is one set screw to lock the mounted devices in order to avoid twisting and a large bulls eye bubble level. Compared to the older model the bubble level is placed on the top platform and therefore will be obscured after any kind of device is mounted on top.

The mounting stud is 1/4"-20 while a 1/4"-20 to 3/8"-16 bushing is included.
Sunwayfoto DYH-68 Leveling Base top-view

The base is flat with a 3/8"-16 mounting socket in the middle. Unlike its predecessors the DYH-68 features a 12 mm deep hole which is more than adequate in order to accommodate different heights of tripod studs, avoiding interference and locking problems of the far past.

Sunwayfoto DYH-68 Leveling Base bottom-view

Major feature of the newly designed locking mechanism of the Sunwayfoto DYH-68 is its Butterfly locking collar at the base which applies a perimetrical force at the half ball base increasing stability and locking strength. 
The mechanism allows for a 15° tilting in all directions.

Sunwayfoto DYH-68 Leveling Base tilt ability

Mounting Options

This low profile Leveling Base design with a peripheral locking collar is suitable for  any kind of tripod, and especially when ground level shooting positions are desired. In this case no handle protrudes below the tripod apex allowing for true ground level positioning.

Sunwayfoto DYH-68 Leveling Base on tripod

Although it might seem awkward to some, when equipped with a QR Clamp it can be used directly to level a camera when no big tilt angles are desired.

Sunwayfoto DYH-68 Leveling Base with camera

Owners of Large Format cameras are more familiar with the idea as all they need is to level their huge cameras.
The lowered profile of the DYH-68 is going to give extra stability in managing the volume and weight of a Large Format camera as shown below.

Sunwayfoto DYH-68 Leveling Base with LF camera

Nonetheless, a Leveling Base like the DYH-68 is suitable to level large Panoramic Heads like the Sunwayfoto Pano-01 below, as well as Gimbal Heads like the Sunwayfoto GH-02.

Sunwayfoto DYH-68 Leveling Base with Panoramic Head

I hope you found the information useful, thank you for viewing.
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Price & Availability:
Recommended Retail price for the DYH-68 is US$ 69.00 (+Shipping where applicable) and will be available from Amazon and from eBay worldwide.

As of March 2022 you may also purchase directly from the Sunwayfoto Store.

Please note that we may earn a commission from qualifying purchases through above affiliate links.

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