Lighting Gear Reflectors and Accessories

In this page you may find cataloged the Lighting Gear that have been used or are still used in S.C.V. Photography Ideas projects as well as in the Reviews of products. Time permitting, I plan to have either Reference pages or full Reviews of products and Setups for the readers.
The individual sections are listed by Category and Function in alphabetical order.

Clicking on the active links beside the description gets you to the Reference page, Review and/or any relevant Articles. Inactive links shown denote that the article or review is under preparation.

Backdrops - Backgrounds
Light Blue Non-Woven Fabric Backdrop 1.6 x 3 m (5.2 x 9.8 ft)
Light Grey Non-Woven Fabric Backdrop 1.6 x 3 m (5.2 x 9.8 ft)
Off-White Cotton / Linen Backdrop 2.2 x 2.5 m
White Carton 50 x 70 cm
White Carton 70 x 120 cm

Continuous Lighting
Custom Halogen 400W 3500K dimmable floodlights x 3
Custom Halogen 150W 3500K fill light x 1
Florescent 115W Daylight Bulb 5500K x 3
Florescent 150W Daylight Bulb 5500K x 2

Lighting Stands & Tripods
OEM 1.7m Reflector Holding Arm
OEM 1.5m Reflector Holding Arm x2
OEM 1.7m Boom Arm w/counterbalance
LS-9432 2.6m Lighting Stand  (Air Cushioned)
Quantuum 2.6m Lighting Stand (Air Cushioned) x2
Weifeng WT-808B 3m Lighting Stand (Spring Cushioned) x2
Weifeng WT-802 2m Lighting Stand x2

30 x 21 cm White/Mirror DIY Custom Reflector
30 x 21 cm Black DIY Custom Reflector
82 cm White Translucent Umbrella x2
82 cm Silver/Black Umbrella
82 cm Gold /Black Umbrella
82 cm Fotga 5 in 1 Foldable Reflector (White/Silver/Black/Gold/Translucent) x2
125 x 80 cm White/Black DIY Custom Reflectors  x2
Soft Box 50 x 70 cm with E27 socket x 2

Miscellaneous Accessories
Backdrop 5 cm PVC Tube 2 m x 3
Backdrop Retractable Tube 1.6 - 3m
Backdrop Holding Clamps x 4
Flash Bracket with Umbrella Holder x3
Lamp Bracket with E27 socket and Umbrella Holder x3
Triopo TR-05 Flash Bracket / Holder

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