April 10, 2011

Weifeng WF-533H 2Way Pan-Tilt Video Head

Weifeng WF-533H Pan-Tilt Head Overview

As I mentioned in the Weifeng WF-595T Traveller Alu-Mg Tripod Review the Weifeng WF-533H 2way Pan-Tilt Video Head is mainly coming as a kit with the WF-533T Flip Lock classic tripod.
However since it stands out as a fairly cheap solution for shooting video it can be found sold separately.

The price tag was quite tempting for me to get this head, which may described as an early attempt for a fluid head from a Chinese manufacturer engaged in mass tripod production, intended mostly for internal Chinese market consumption and as an OEM for some known brands.

Nonetheless, as also mentioned in the WF-595T review, this review is also published as a reference for comparison of older to more up to date designs.

The Head

Weifeng WF-533H Pan-Tilt Head box and contents

Manufacturer Specification

Weifeng WF-533H Pan Tilt Video Head
Weight:615 gr / 1.35 lbs
Max Load capacity:7 kg / 15.43 lbs

Weifeng WF-533H Pan-Tilt Head side view

Weifeng WF-533H Pan-Tilt Head rear view

The Quick Release

Weifeng WF-533H Pan-Tilt Head plate removed
Snap on Quick Release plate is bi-directional.

Weifeng WF-533H Pan-Tilt Head plate underside
With butterfly head 1/4"-20 thread mounting screw 

Mounted on WF-595T Tripod

Weifeng WF-595T Alu-Mg Traveller Tripod

Weifeng WF-533H Head on Weifeng WF-595T Tripod

Weifeng WF-533H Head Flip portrait mode

Weifeng WF-533H Head Flip mode closeup
Detail of set screw for leveling the horizontal plate.

The Quick Release Conversion
Weifeng WF-533H Head Top view

Weifeng WF-533H Head aside Desmond DAC-01 QR Clamp
Weifeng WF-533H Head with Desmond DAC-01 Quick Release Clamp on the right

Weifeng WF-533H Head wDAC-01 QR Clamp rear view

Weifeng WF-533H Head wDAC-01 QR Clamp on Weifenf WF-595T

Very low price.
Smooth panning and tilting with heavy silicone buffered motion.
Fair manufacture quality (casting).
Snap on quick release elongated video plate.

Non adjustable tension in any direction
Harshly adjustable friction for panning or tilting.
Non universal quick release plate.

This article is still under construction till all texts are duly prepared. In the meantime the article stands as a reference page and photo guide to the Weifeng WF-533H 2Way Pan Tilt Video Head.

I hope you found the article useful, thank you for viewing.
All Photos: © 2011-2016 S.C.Vlachos

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