October 30, 2011

A Tribute to Excellent Service.

Sometimes we meet persons in our path that stand out from the crowd.
Personally, when I meet such a person who is dedicated to his/her cause or profession and excels by all criteria, I feel obliged to come out and declare it, for others to know and praise him/her so to keep up the good effort.
I have quite a long experience with ebay transactions, and I have purchased a lot of items through ebay, not always happy with the outcome, especially with goods from China where, when something goes wrong, I have heard a lot of excuses among other things.

However, Mr. D.Chan of DC's Photo Stuff / Phot Tomato (DC Photo Stuff) in eBay, well known to many photography enthusiasts, mainly as a Benro seller, has captured my attention from the beginning, not because he had the lowest prices, but because he had the most complete and detailed listings. Then on, he was always willing to help, immediately replying to questions and maintained an excellent professional attitude in all our transactions.

After my recent correspondence with Benro's sales dept about the Alignment Error on early Benro PC-0 and PC-1 Panorama Clamps and their unwillingness to help, I have turned to Mr. D.Chan, who has proved that he provides what every client would want the most when purchasing durable goods, and on what most sellers are judged. An excellent after sales service.
By his efforts and intervention with the Benro factory, he fulfilled the warranty he offers for his sales and provided me with fixed, error free Panorama clamps.
Thank you Mr. Chan.

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  1. I too would like to pay tribute to Mr. Chan. He has been very, very quick with replies and offering help - for my troubles, see the above reference link to the Benro PC panorama clamps.
    Mr. Chan offered a free of charge and shipment replacement of a Benro B2 ball head, that I actually "ruined" myself!
    Can only give a highly recommended five stars to DC Stuff.
    Thank you, Mr. Chan.