January 31, 2012

New Hejnar PHOTO 5/8" Multi Purpose Rails

Hejnar PHOTO G15-80 MPR front holes & bubble detail As of January 2012 Hejnar PHOTO has released four new additions to the 5/8" thick line of Arca-Swiss® compatible Multi Purpose Rails.
However, the new G15 and G16 series are neither a thicker variation of the existing same length 1/2" thick rails nor a shorter version of the longer 5/8" thick rails, but adopt a fresh design with more features.

The new G15 and G16 series of multipurpose rails come in 6" and 8" lengths, basically sharing the same characteristics, with main difference in the two captive slots of the G15 series opposing the one long (full length) captive slot of the G16 series.

G15 Series Rails

Hejnar PHOTO G15-80 MPR - top
Pictured above is the G15-80 8" rail. The main difference between the G16 and G15 series of rails is the centrally located cross bar of the G15 series, that splits the captive slot in two sections. The cross bar apart from strengthening the rail again longitudinal torsion, adds also a centrally located 1/4"-20 tapped hole, giving an extra ability of mounting the rail directly on a tripod or lighting stand.
Each rail is also equipped with two rows of M3 taped holes along the sides on top and bottom, where a screw type index stop bar or ridge may be mounted.
Hejnar PHOTO G15-80 MPR - back-end side
The section of the rails is a little different than the usual Hejnar PHOTO recessed section so as to give the ability to engrave decimal scales on both sides. This will be very useful if one intends to use the rail as a nodal slide with or without the addition of a quick release clamp.
Hejnar PHOTO G15-80 MPR - dec scale - side full
The new decimal laser engraved scales run along both sides.
Hejnar PHOTO G15-80 MPR - bottom
Bottom view reveals the two M3 stop screws at each end as well as the two sets of M3 tapped holes on the sides.

G16 Series Rails

Hejnar PHOTO G16-80 MPR - top
Quite obvious on the G16-80 8" rail above is the one full length  captive slot which may prove helpful for balancing a long and heavy lens thus permitting indefinite positioning of a clamp along the rail imits.
Hejnar PHOTO G16-80 MPR front holes & bubble detail
All G15 and G16 series rails are also equipped with one 1/4"-20 tapped hole and two dowel pin holes in the front as well as the standard now bubble spirit level.
Hejnar PHOTO G16-60 MPR w/ F61ab QR clamp attached
The front holes permit the mounting and perfect alignment of a quick release clamp on rail end.
Pictured above is the G16-60 6" rail with the F61ab quick release clamp (with small black knob) attached.
Hejnar PHOTO G16-60 MPR +F61ab QR clamp + LLSB Mod1
A very nice option when for example the rail is used with a lens support bracket as a Long Lens Support Package.

More uses of the G15 and G16 rails in the upcoming articles.

I hope you found the information useful, thank you for viewing.
All Photos used by permission: © 2012 Chris Hejnar / Hejnar PHOTO

Price and Availability:
Estimated prices are US$ 55.00 for the G15/16-60 6" rails and US$ 60.00 for the G15/16-80 8" rails (+shipping where applicable).
G15/16 5/8" Multi Purpose Rails are available from Hejnar Photo online Store

If you are interested in the product, do check the Recommended Sellers page for a valid Hejnar Photo discount coupon before ordering.

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