September 5, 2012

New Sunwayfoto 2012 Catalogue

Sunwayfoto 2012 catalogue front page

 As of September 3rd, 2012 Sunwayfoto has released their first comprehensive Catalogue.
The new catalogue is very well designed and illustrated containing all of current Sunwayfoto photographic equipment lines as well as some models due for release within the next days or weeks.

Taking into consideration their participation in the upcoming PHOTOKINA 18-23.09.2012 at Cologne, Germany.
There must be high fever running at all levels of Sunwayfoto at the moment.

New Product Highlights
Among the existing models in the new Catalogue, there are some completely new gear other awaited and other not as they are going to be officially announced at the upcoming Photokina.

DDH-03 Panning Clamp

 Following the release of the DDH-02 Panning Clamp a little while ago, the DDH-03 Panning Clamp was expected to be announced and replace the old and heavy (for the Sunwayfoto standards) DDH-01 Panning Clamp. DDH-03 accords to the DDH-02 unique and innovative design pattern, setting new appearance, weight and locking standards for panning clamps.
Check Sunwayfoto DDH-03 Panning Clamp Preview, for more info.

Sunwayfoto DDH-3 panning clamp w/ AM-02
DDH-03 is by 6 mm narrower than the old DDH-01 with a diameter of 58 mm, but far lighter at 126 gr.
Pictured above with the optional AM-02 Arca style plate which is also new.

XB-52DDH3 Ball Head

Sunwayfoto DDH-3 on XB-52 Low Profile Ballhead
The new XB-52 Ball Head equipped with the DDH-03 Panning Clamp  sold as model XB-52DDH3. A little taller and heavier than the plain XB-52 but still far lighter than the competition in similar configurations.

By the way, the latest XB series models bear a classy silver-grey plate at the back with the Sunwayfoto logo and model name engraved. A clear indication of the high-end targeting for these models.

Sunwayfoto XB-52 Low Profile Ballhead - logo/model plate detail
XB-52 with logo/model plate.

DDY-58 and DDY-64i Discal Clamps

 Once again, DDY-58 and DDY-64i discal clamps follow the design pattern of DDH-03 panning clamp. Although they can be used with virtually any ball head due to their center hole and 3/8"-16 thread, their main intention is to complement the current Sunwayfoto lines of Panning clamps and Indexing rotators, offering a lower weight solution than the older DDY-64.
DDY-58 has a diameter of 58mm intended to be attached at the bottom for the same sized DDH-03 Panning Clamp, while DDY-64i has a diameter of 64 mm intended for the top and/or bottom of the larger DDP-64M and DDP-64S Indexing Rotators.

Sunwayfoto DDY-64i discal QR clamp
New DDY-58 and DDY-64i weigh only 60gr and 80gr respectively. Quite a decrease compared to the 120gr of the older DDY-64 Discal clamp.

DDY-64iL Discal Clamp with Long stem knob
Announced or better mentioned in the catalogue without any specs is DDY-64iL Discal Clamp, a version of the DDY-64 clamp with a Long stem screw knob. Application on larger diameter platforms, like the DYH-90 Leveling Base, require a longer stem in order to make the knob usable.

You can download the full Sunwayfoto 2012 Catalogue in PDF format for more information.

I hope you found the information useful, thank you for viewing.
All Photos by courtesy of Sunwayfoto © 2012

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