October 19, 2012

Sunwayfoto XB and FB Series Manuals Available for Download

Sunwayfoto.com download page capture

The long waited Operating Instruction Manual for the Sunwayfoto XB Low Profile Ball Heads series, as well as one for the newer Sunwayfoto FB Lightweit Ball Heads series are since October 2012 available in PDF format and may be downloaded from the Sunwayfoto website in the User Manuals Download section.

The manuals are bilingual in both English and Chinese. They are detailed, extensively illustrated and most of all written in good English.

Well worth the wait then!

Update: Nov 2013
Unfortunately the original links are no longer available at the Sunwayfoto.com site after its complete renovation, but your can download the PDF's from here:

I hope you found the news useful, thank you for viewing.

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