March 30, 2013

Shoot RS-80N3 compatible Remote Release Cable for Canon

Shoot RS-80N3 compatible Remote Release Cable on Canon EOS 50D
Everyone is aware that shooting long exposures requires a tripod and a remote release cable.

A remote cable helps transferring the shutter release button away from the camera, thus avoiding direct contact and unwanted vibrations.

Of course Canon offers the RS-80N3 Remote Release Cable in their line of accessories which has a proprietary plug matching the socket found on EOS medium to high end cameras.

As usual with Canon Accessories the price is quite exaggerated considering that besides a proprietary plug it is just a cable with a dual action switch on the other end. I'm fully aware of quality control, huge overhead costs etc etc. but since this remote release design dates back a couple of decades ago, found on EOS 3, 1V, 1VHS, 2000D, D30, D60 until the most recent 10D to 50D, 7D, 6D, 5D series and 1D series, then it should be sold at least for the half than it does.

On the other hand this fact leaves plenty of room for after market products that sell at a fraction of the price.
One of these is the Shoot RS-80N3 Remote Switch which may be found at an unbelievably low price of US $ 3.5 shipped !

The Remote Release

Shoot RS-80N3 compatible Remote Release Cable top
Or better Remote Switch as labeled on the top cover of the handle. Shoot is very similar to the original Canon product with a good quality plastic handle and a 90cm (3') cable ending in a Canon-N3 plug. The dual action release button is located near the top and may be half pressed for AF then fully pressed for shutter release. When fully pressed it can slide upwards locking the shutter release for Bulb (B) manually timed exposure.
Shoot RS-80N3 compatible Remote Release Cable bottom
There's not much on the back side besides a curved recess near the top for better handling and a small RS-80N3 sticker in another recess near the bottom.
Shoot RS-80N3 compatible Remote Release Cable jack deatail
The main difference with the original is the N3 compatible plug. The plug with the three small holes is identical to the Canon-N3 in shape but totally made of plastic lacking Canon's metal jacket with the indentations that clip on the camera socket. Here lies the qualitative difference between the original and the clone.

Shoot RS-80N3 compatible Remote Release Cable on con port
The plastic plug, although it fits well, relies on friction to stay in the socket so it needs a little more pressure to guaranty that it actually stays in the socket and does not slip off, especially when the camera is tilted in portrait orientation.
Considering the very low price of the product that didn't worry me too much I found a remedy by making a couple of nicks on the sides of the plastic plug, which made it fit more snugly, thus less prone to slip off.

Rock bottom price
Very good quality for the price

Small issue with plastic N3 plug fitting

A pro wouldn't even bother to look at such a cheap alternative and really shouldn't since max reliability could only be assured with an original Canon remote release. However, if you just need one for infrequent use or just need to have a second or third one around, then it's so inexpensive that you can have more than 10 for the price of the original.

I hope you found the article useful, thank you for viewing.
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Price & Availability:
Keep in mind that the illustrated remote release is marketed also under different brand names and you should not pay more US $ 5 for it including shipping.
Shoot RS-80N3 Remote is available either from Amazon, or from eBay.

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  1. I bought this remote cable but the plug slip off very often when handling the tripod.
    I prefer this system :

    1. Thanks for your suggestions.
      Hama remote is a very nice alternative solution with the proper socket, especially because the connector cable is interchangeable for any camera brand. But a bit expensive though, close to the original.
      Although, Canon's RRP is US$ 70 or EUR 70 for the RS-80N3, you can find it at prices close to the Hama.
      Canon RS-80N3 from
      Canon RS-80N3 from