May 9, 2013

A versatile Triple Add-on Bubble Level for Tripods from Desmond

Desmond DLT-02 Triple add-on bubble level

When I first run into this little guy, I almost though that an alien has landed on my computer screen, looking at me with his three big green eyes. :)
But then I got serious and realized that there was quite some innovation behind the idea of having three bubble levels instead of one.

The idea of putting an add-on bubble level between the tripod top mounting plate and the ball head mounting base is not new, as there are a few manufacturers providing them already.

Desmond DTL-01 installed

For tripods that lack a bubble level and their leveling is critical, an add-on leveling disk proves a very convenient and very inexpensive solution compared to a leveling base.
Of course it is a little more troublesome to level a tripod by decreasing and/or increasing the legs height but is the most economical.

Desmond Photographic Distribution has been providing DLT-01 a single add-on bubble level for some time now as a low budget alternative to major brands pricing.
The Desmond DLT-01 is pictured on the right installed under Sunwayfoto DB-52 ball-head for comparison.

The Tri-Level
Uneasy minds never rest content, so Desmond came up with a Triple Add-on bubble level for tripods in order to help a little more the low budget oriented.

Manufacturer Specification:
Model:DLT-02 Addon Triple Level
Base Inner Diameter:76 mm (3.00")
Base Inner Height/Thickness:2 mm (0.08")
Base External Diameter:82 mm (3.20")
Base External (Lip) Height/Thickness:4.2 mm (0.16")
Center Hole Diameter:∅10 mm (0.40")
Bubble Levels Diameter:∅15 mm (0.60")
Bubble Housings extension:~30 mm (1.25")
Weight:37 gr (1.3 oz)

Desmond DTL-02 is made of one piece aluminum plate and inserts easily between the Tripod and the Ball head raising it a mere 2 mm. The center hole is large enough to accommodate any 3/8"-16 or 1/4"-20 Tripod Stud, while the base inner diameter will accept any ball head with a base diameter up to 76 mm (3.0").

Desmond DTL-02 Triple bubble level on tripod

The concept behind the triple level is to orient one level above every leg of the tripod. In this way the adjustment of each leg gets less tiresome avoiding to go around checking the single bubble level when adjusting the opposite side leg.
On the other hand three levels are more precise than one when absolute accuracy is critical.

I hope you found the news useful, thank you for viewing.
All Photos © 2013 Desmond Photographic Dist.

Price & Availability:
Current price for the DTL-02 is US$ 12.95 (+Shipping where applicable) and is available from Amazon or from eBay

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