May 27, 2013

New Full Line of Budget Lens Plates from Desmond

Desmond DPL-150 Lens Plate
Desmond Photographic Distribution U.S.A. have recently introduced a full line of Araca-Swiss® compatible lens plates under the Desmond brand name.

Seven new lens plates with lengths ranging from 60 mm (2.36") to 169 mm (6.65") constitute a line that can cover the needs from short to very long telephoto lenses.

Double dovetail design, twin ridge backstops, flash bracket mounting holes and safety stop screws are all there at low budget prices.

Samples have already arrived, so stay tuned for a detailed review soon.

Update Aug 2013
Desmond DLP-100 / 115 / 150 / 169 Lens Plates Review

Desmond DLP-60 / 70 / 85 Lens Plates Review

Desmond DPL Lens Plates are available from Amazon or from eBay

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