May 27, 2013

Shooting RAW Video with Canon EOS-50D camera

Canon EOS 50D w/ EF_S 17-85 IS USM
How would you feel if you had a real diamond in your hands and gave it away?

That's the case with Canon EOS 50D digital camera which via Magic Lantern free software add on, was proved capable of shooting quality RAW video.

According to an EOSHD article:

"The sensor resolves very clean highly detailed raw video with hardly any moire or aliasing, at a higher quality than the Rebel lines does."

Canon EOS 50D had been introduced 5 years ago, as a high end "Pro-sumer" camera with a 15 Mp sensor, a rugged Magnesium body, weather sealing and a fast UDMA 6 memory slot. Same generation as the EOS 5D Mk II one of the pioneers of HD DSLR video, but with the video mode features disabled (locked) in firmware.

Should we go back searching for used EOS 50Ds while they still sell for around US$ or EUR 500 ? For sure if you have one and are interested in shooting RAW Video don't give it away. Nice things happen!

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