May 2, 2013

Sunwayfoto GH-Pro Geared Head in 2013 China P&E Show

Sunwayfoto GH-Pro banners

During the recent 2013 China P&E Show held from April 19th till April 22nd in Beijing at the China World Exhibition Hall, Sunwayfoto has introduced GH-Pro their first heavy duty geared 3-way head.

A move that very clearly denotes their targeting to the top / professional market segment.

GH-Pro is a direct rival, while at first glance appears very close in design, to the Arca-Swiss® D4 Geared head.
It seems to be build on top of, as well as topped by the successful DDH-03 Panning clamp.

There is no other information available at the moment about the head characteristics e.g. dimensions, load bearing capacity etc.

Sunwayfoto GH-Pro Geared Head banner
Sunwayfoto GH-Pro mounted on a Gitzo® Safari GT2540F tripod as it appeared on banners at the show.
Sunwayfoto booth
Sunwayfoto Booth at the China World Exhibition Hall
Sunwayfoto GH-Pro visitors
Show visitors inspecting hands-on the GH-Pro prototype.

Since Sunwayfoto had chosen to introduce the head during the China P&E show, which addresses mostly the Asian market, there is no confirmation about the retail price and when (even if) the head will be available in the American and European markets.

Sunwayfoto GH-Pro Geared Head
Sunwayfoto GH-Pro 3-D Geared Head Prototype 
As soon as I have more information about the GH-Pro I shall update accordingly.

I hope you found the news interesting, thank you for viewing.
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  1. Update:
    According to information just received from the Sunwayfoto Marketing Dept. the GH-Pro specification are as follows:
    Length: 102mm
    Width: 79mm
    Height: 98mm
    Weight: 670g
    Max load: 12kg
    The expected selling price will be in the range of US $ 500 !!!