December 21, 2017

New Hejnar Photo Universal Square Plate with 3/8"-16 Mounting Screw

Hejnar Photo H019 Square Plate top view

Hejnar Photo has just introduced a new camera plate expanding their coverage to the medium format camera field but not only.
It follows a simple design of a quite large square camera plate with a bidirectional Arca style dovetail. What makes it differ though, is its larger 3/8"-16 mounting screw compared to the usual 1/4"-20 size.

Hejnar PHOTO H019 QR Plate

Manufacturer Specification:
Length:5.38 cm (2.125")
Width:5.38 cm (2.125")
Height:1.14 cm (0.45")
Weight:56 gr (2.0 oz)
Mounting:1 x Captive Screw Slot
Color:Black hard coat anodized
Material:6061-T6 Aluminium C.N.C. machined
Made in :USA

The thick H019 QR Plate is square and completely flat with a captive slot for the larger 3/8"-16 captive screw in the middle.
The Arca and RRS compatible dovetail is also square and allows bidirectional mounting of the device attached on top.

Hejnar Photo H019 Square Plate bottom view
Hejnar Photo H019 Square Plate underside with bidirectional dovetail.

The Hejnar H019 plate comes as usual accompanied by the needed hardware, which in this case is its matching hex-cap, stainless-steel, 3/8"-16 captive screw and the appropriate size Allen hex wrench.

Hejnar Photo H019 Square Plate with hardware
Hejnar Photo H019 Square Plate with hex screw and wrench

I hope you found the information useful, thank you for viewing.
Photos by courtesy of Hejnar Photo ©2017 Chris Hejnar

Price & Availability:
Current price for the D019 QR Plate is US$ 40.00 (+Shipping where applicable) and is available from Hejnar PHOTO online Store.

If you are interested in the plate, do check the Recommended Sellers page for a valid Hejnar Photo discount coupon before placing your order in Hejnar online store.

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