June 6, 2013

New Hejnar Photo Modular L bracket for SONY NEX-6

Hejnar Photo SN-6 modular L bracket on Sony NEX-6 ILC camera
After the release of modular L brackets for SONY NEX-5N / 5R and SONY NEX 7  the Hejnar Photo line is enriched with another dedicated L Bracket addressing the SONY's mid-top model alpha NEX-6.

The Hejnar PHOTO SN-6 Modular L Bracket follows the concept of the Modular Universal Camera L Bracket previewed a few months ago, but with a dedicated camera base plate and a dedicated L Side plate.

It is almost identical in design and dimensions to the SONY NEX 7 Modular L Bracket but has been redesigned to fit exactly to the new NEX-6 model.

Manufacturer Specification:
Length:3.375" (85.7 mm)
Height:2.45" (62.23 mm)
Width:1.5" (38 mm)
Thickness:0.95 cm (0.375")
Weight:2.3 oz (66 gr)
Hardware:Stainless Steel
Color:Black hard coat anodized
Material:6061-T6 Aluminium C.N.C. machined
Made in :USA

Compatible with Arca-Swiss®, Kirk®, R.R.S.®, and most Arca style Quick release clamps.

Hejnar Photo SN-6 modular L bracket + tools
Sony NEX-6 modular L bracket Side - connector ports
The L Side plate allows full access to the camera connector ports, while it may also be disassembled and used as a camera Base plate only if desired.

I hope you found the information useful, thank you for viewing.
Photos by courtesy of Hejnar Photo ©2013 Chris Hejnar

Price and Availability:
Current price for the SN-6 L Bracket is US$ 90.00 (+Shipping where applicable) and is available from the Hejnar Photo online Store
As of 2017 Hejnar Photo Modular L Brackets are no longer available from the Hejnar Photo online Store. Dedicated / Custom and or Universal camera base plates are available instead.

If you are interested in the product, do check the Recommended Sellers page for a valid Hejnar Photo discount coupon before ordering, applicable only in the Hejnar Photo Online Store.

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