June 14, 2013

New ICE HD Circular Polarizing Filter Line by Desmond

ICE is the brand name of a new series of quality filters distributed by Desmond Photographic Distribution, U.S.A.

ICE brand will cover a full range of CPL, MCUV and Variable ND filters from ∅39mm to ∅112mm

What actually caught my eye is that the HD CPL line boasts some very good characteristics like:
  • 16 layers of nano multi-coating.
  • Easy clean top coating.
  • Under an over coated.
  • Scratch resistance.
  • Oil and water repellant.
  • Black Almite frame.
  • Black rimmed glass to eliminate reflections
  • Double threaded that can accept lens caps or other filters.
All the above are usually characteristics of top line CPL filters, where especially the larger diameters usually cost above US$ 100.00. However, Desmond promises very affordable prices for the ICE brand.

A sample of the ∅77mm version of the HD CPL filter has arrived, so stay tuned for a detailed comparative review with the champion in the category and nonetheless expensive Marumi DHG Super Circular PLD and an equally priced Green.L dHD CPL. Let's see how it copes.

ICE HD CPL Filters are available from Amazon as below or from eBay.

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  1. I have used this filter ICE ND 1000 for a couple of years.. It is great..