June 14, 2013

A new Arca Compatible Flash Bracket from Desmond

Desmond DAFB-01 Flash Bracket
Every time I receive a Desmond product, I ask myself the same question: "How come they manage to offer so good quality with so little money?"

Sturdiness, very good machining and finishing are equal to a high quality product. For sure the price tag is far less than expected.

Desmond DAFB-01 Flash Bracket is CNC machined in one piece, totally out of Aluminium with no plastic parts, except for a rubber grip around the vertical arm.
It is equipped with two integral QR clamps one for the flash hotshoe at the top and one Arac-Swiss® compatible clamp at the bottom for mounting on a lens plate or a longer camera plate.

The design is simple, nothing sophisticated about it, like hinged foldings etc. But it is light and this simplicity is what probably maintains the cost just under US$ 50.00. Considering that it sells for 1/3 of the price of similar products then none can ask too much.
In my opinion it's very good as a Telephoto Flash Bracket, so stay tuned for a detailed review with implementation examples soon.

Update: Aug 2013

Desmond DAFB-01 Arca Compatible Flash Bracket Review

Current price for the Desmond DAFB-01 Flash Bracket is US$ 49.77 29.95 !!! and is available from Amazon or from eBay

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