August 29, 2013

Announcement of new S.C.V. Photography Ideas site Structure

Starting mid August 2013, there was a gradual restructure of the S.C.V. Photography Ideas site and blog which is now completed.

As you may have already noticed, the related but separate blog rolls S.C.V. Photography Ideas - News and S.C.V. Photography Ideas - Album as well as their content, relevant Tags and Feeds, have been merged into the main blog roll.

Their relevant web addresses and will remain active for another month and then closed down. Therefore, please amend and revise any direct links you have to this sites or their RSS/Atom feeds accordingly.

These changes were also reflected on the main S.C.V. Photography Ideas blog, Menu structure and Links:

By selecting News or Photo Albums on the top menu, you will be redirected to a filtered blog roll showing only the latest News or Photos related posts.
Further, more options have been added to the Side Column giving to the reader the ability to filter the posts containing Announcements, Promotions, Reviews, Sitenews and Updates.

I hope these changes will make the navigation through the site more convenient for you.
Enjoy reading and a big Thank you for your continues support.

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