September 18, 2013

Sunwayfoto Released an Improved FB-28i Lightweight Ball Head

Sunwayfoto FB-28i ball head in hand
Almost a year after the release of the small FB-28 Lightweight Ball Head, Sunwayfoto announced an improved version.
The new FB-28i (i stands for improved), is the Sunwayfoto FB Series "entry level" ball head.
It retains the very small size, the 28 mm ellipsoidal ball and very smooth characteristics of its predecessor.

What actually differs is the smoother texture of the still large Lock-knob and the addition of an extra independent panning lock knob.
The latter is actually the most significant change, as it gives the ball head extra points against similar models from competition.

The Ball Head

Manufacturer Specification:
Ball Diameter :28 mm
Base Diameter :40 mm
Height:72 mm
Net Weight:207 gr
Max Load:12 kg
Mounting Thread:3/8"-16
Clamp Type:Screw-knob

Sunwayfoto FB-28i ball head - front view
In the previous model, in order to succeed in keeping the ball head dimensions and weight to a minimum, Sunwayfoto designers left out some of the attributes met on the larger FB-Series models. Most compromises inherent in the design of its predecessor are now gone, as it seams that Sunwayfoto team managed to include the independent panning lock mechanism maintaining the same height and increasing the total weight by 7 gr only !

Sunwayfoto FB-28i ball head - Knobs side view
Another not so obvious change is the re-positioning of the main lock-knob to the left as the panning lock knob stands at its former place in a 90° angle.
The large lock-knob is now more conveniently operated with the left hand, matching the rest of the FB series heads.

Sunwayfoto FB-28i ball head - QR Clamp detail
The small DDC-37 Arca-Swiss® compatible QR clamp was maintained, which together with the correct positioning of the lock-knobs make the FB-28i a perfect companion for small traveler tripods.

Mounted on a Traveler Tripod

Sunwayfoto FB-28i ball head on Gitzo GT1542 Traveler Tripod standing and folded
Sunwayfoto FB-28i is the perfect companion for small lightweight traveler tripods like the Gitzo® GT1542 Series 1 Traveler, pictured above, as well as other brands of lightweight traveler tripods. It fits perfectly on the tripod, as much as between the 180° folded legs, complementing its character. 

Considering the silky smooth operation derived from the Sunwayfoto ellipsoidal balls offered in a very compact package, a locking ability of 12 kg and weight of only 207 gr then FB-28i wins the race against competition. If you also consider the price it's a very good value for money!

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Price & Availability:
Update Oct 22, 2013
Current price for the FB-28i Ball Head is US$ 99.00 (+shipping where applicable) and is available from Amazon or from eBay

Meanwhile, as of 2022 you may also purchase directly from the Sunwayfoto Store.

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