November 1, 2013

Changes in Benro B Series Dual Action Ball Heads Model Numbers

Benro B2 Dual Acton ball head new

A recent research I conducted in the Benro ball heads range, revealed a change in the Dual Action B Series line-up that will be somehow confusing for most B series head owners and prospective buyers alike.

This change is found only in the Chinese Benro website, which actually is the most up to date for new releases of products among all Benro related websites all over the word.

It seems that Benro has released a new B series ball head with a Φ 40 mm ball and specifications that put it in line between the existing B1 (with Φ 36 mm ball) and the B2 (with Φ 44mm ball) which I had reviewed in the past.

Therefore, the new model was named B2 and all model numbers starting from the former B2 were shifted up by one digit.

New Benro B Series Model Table
B2 NewΦ4099Φ54UNC3/8”0.41161/4
B3 (B2)Φ44104Φ58UNC3/8”0.46201/4
B4 (B3)Φ54114Φ68UNC3/8”0.65301/4
B5 (B4)Φ64128Φ78UNC3/8”0.90401/4

According to the specifications table above, former B2 has turned into B3, former B3 into B4 and so on. There is no indication when the new models will be circulated in the international markets but better make a thorough check before you buy.
As I have seen many times in different fora (forums), a confusion between Benro and Triopo ball head models, please note that although they look similar Benro B1, B2, B3 etc have different specifications than the Triopo B-1, B-2, B-3 etc models.

Given the opportunity, I should mention that all current Benro ball head models, of all series, equipped with an Arca style QR clamp, share the same security lock system on the screw knob.
New Benro B Series Quick Release Clamp release sequence
The security lock when just turn will only release the QR plate enough to be adjusted. In order to completely release and remove the QR plate: First the screw knob must be pulled out ( fig 1), then unscrewed by turning counter clockwise (fig 2), which actually will open the clamp jaw (fig 3) and enable the QR plate to be lifted (fig 4). 

All models available in the market with a simple screw knob clamp are just old stock.

I hope you found the information useful, thank you for viewing.

Availability Update:
Current Benro Ball Head models as well as older ones are available from Amazon and from eBay.

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