December 5, 2013

Significant Price Drops of Sunwayfoto Products for the Holiday Season

Sunwayfoto products photo collage

Being in the turmoil of Black Friday Deals, Cyber Monday Deals and Holiday Deals, I received some status updates for Sunwayfoto products that either I have presented and/or reviewed or announced recently.
In the process of recapitulating about availability, I observed that in many product listings the prices were significantly lower than the ones originally announced. Digging deeper and further, I realized that price drops were reflected on many products from 5% up to 35% in some cases.

Since there was no official announcement for price drops from Sunwayfoto, it has something to do with the US distributors. Clearly they are making a big push for market share this holiday season!

As it would be very difficult to update all Reviews and News posts independently, I here under submit a sampling table with price drops related to the presented products in this blog up to date.

ModelArticle/ReviewOld Price USDNew Price USDPrice Drop
Ball Heads
DB-36TRDL Traveler
$ 220.00$ 180.0019%
XB-44 Low Profile
$ 330.00$ 299.00~9.5%
Indexing Rotators
$ 99.00$ 79.00>20%
$ 142.00$ 119.0017%
Leveling Bases
$ 123.00$ 96.00~22%
$ 169.00$ 129.00~24%
$ 216.00$ 162.0025%
Quick Release Clamp
DDH-02i Panning
$ 99.00$ 79.00>20%
DDH-03i Panning
$ 122.00$ 99.00~19%
DLC-42 Dual
$ 65.00$ 45.00~18.5%
DLC-60L Dual
$ 69.00$ 55.00>20%
DDY-64iL Discal
$ 47.00$ 45.00~5%
Custom L Brackets
for EOS 5D MkIII
$ 106.00$ 79.00~25.5%
for EOS 5D MkIII
w/ Grip
$ 128.00$ 99.00~23%
for EOS 1DX

$ 138.00$ 99.00>28%
Quick Release Plates
DP-26 Universal
$ 29.00$ 19.0035%
Custom for NEX-5
$ 33.00$ 29.00~12%
Custom EOS 5D MkIII
$ 42.00$ 29.00~31%

(Click on the pictures in the table to go to the corresponding article and/or review)

Keeping in mind the exemplary Sunwayfoto quality and the already excellent value for money of their products, I think that new Holiday Season prices are bringing the products to a Real Bargain level. Quite tempting...

I hope you found the information useful, thank you for viewing.
All Photos & Photosynths: © 2013 S.C.Vlachos

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