April 18, 2013

SONY NEX 5 Specific Plate from Sunwayfoto - Preview

Following up the increased interest in the Sony mirrorless cameras, Sunwayfoto has included two more dedicated products in their expanding line of Arca-Swiss® compatible Specific Quick Release Plates and L brackets.

One of these is the PS-N5 specific plate for SONY NEX-5, a bidirectional QR camera plate with a minimal weight of 27 gr and a choice between three colors.

The Plate
Manufacturer Specification:
Model:PS-N5 B/R/Y
Length:56 mm
Width:39 mm
Dovetail Width:39 mm
Thickness:16 mm
Mounting screw thread:1/4"-20 UNC
Weight:27 gr
Color:Black / Red / Yellow

Sunwayfoto PS-N5 side back view
Sunwayfoto PS-N5 is a minimal structure adding only 27gr to the camera, following the bottom curves of the NEX-5 camera body thus making it product specific.
Sunwayfoto PS-N5 back view
Looking at the QR plate from the back we can see clearly the two small convex edges that act as stoppers against the front panel of the camera in order to avoid any twisting.
Sunwayfoto PS-N5 side view
A side view makes clear the 1/4"-20 mounting screw slot, which permits a small fore-aft adjustment, facilitating in this way the mounting of the QR plate at the bottom of the camera body.
Sunwayfoto PS-N5 bottom view
The bottom dovetail is square 39 x 39 mm, which permits the bidirectional mounting of the camera on an Arca-Swiss® compatible Quick Release Clamp.

Mounting the plate on the Camera

Sunwayfoto PS-N5 on SONY NEX-5 front
Sunwayfoto PS-N5 fits perfectly on the bump under the lens mount.
Sunwayfoto PS-N5 on SONY NEX-5 back
The square shape of the dovetail extends slightly at the back without becoming an obstacle to the tilting LCD screen.
Sunwayfoto PS-N5 on SONY NEX-5 front bottom
With small lenses the plate's flat bottom surface can serve as a stand for the camera on its own.

Alternative Colors

Sunwayfoto PS-N5 set red - black - yellow (golden)
PS-N5 is the first of Sunwayfoto products that besides the usual satin black color comes with a choice between two more colors to match different camera body colors. Red on the left and Yellow (which I'd rather describe as golden) on the right.

Sunwayfoto PS-N5 on SONY NEX-5 front - closeup
Sunwayfoto PS-N5 on SONY NEX-5 side - closeup
Sunwayfoto PS-N5 on SONY NEX-5 back / screen tilted up - closeup
The choice of the Yellow (golden) color, in the closeup illustrations above, offers the proper contrast with the camera body in order to show the immaculate fitting of the QR plate.

I hope you found the article useful, thank you for viewing.
All Photos used by permition: © 2012 Sunwayfoto.com

Price & Availability:
The recommended retail price for the PS-N5 plate is US$ 33.00 24.65 and is available fron Amazon

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