February 18, 2014

Gitzo Introduced the New Mountaineer Tripod Range

Gitzo Mountaineer GT2542
Gitzo launched the new Mountaineer Tripod range on February 12th 2014, where according to their announcement their Mountaineer Range was completely redesigned:

"We are proud to inform you about the official launch of our new Mountaineer tripods – Gitzo’s most popular, ‘all-purpose’ carbon tripod family.
Mountaineer tripods have been developed further to incorporate the latest Gitzo technology which increases rigidity, improves performance and ease of use for professional photographers.

Stiffer legs and structure
More than ever, our priority is to ensure that Gitzo tripods allow photographers to get sharper images no matter what weight of equipment, length of lens or duration of exposure is being used: that means making them as rigid as possible.

New Mountaineer tripods are more rigid than the preceding Carbon 6X models, thanks to the newly developed, innovative Carbon eXact tubes.The new tubing optimises fibre composition for each tube size, including HM (High Modulus) carbon fibre composition (a denser fibre made up of finer individual fibres) in the narrower tubes. Carbon eXact tubes have larger diameters that strengthen the tripods even further, particularly the narrower tubes used for the lower leg sections."

Gitzo Mountaineer GT2542 top spider detail
The Mountaineer top spider and column lock are also redesigned for greater rigidity.
Technical details at a glance

  • New Carbon eXact tubing uses High Modulus carbon fibre for increased stiffness and strength
  • G-lock Ultra with an internal O-ring reduces dust or grit entering the system, and makes leg locks softer to use.
  • New Ground Level Set makes switching between normal and low-angle shooting faster and easier.

For a more detailed presentation of the completely redesigned mountaineer range you may watch the Gitzo Mountaineer Tutorial Video:

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All Photos by courtesy of ©2014 Gitzo.com

The new Gitzo Mountaineer Range will be available soon from all major retailers.

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