February 13, 2014

Two New Carbon Fiber Monopods NT-226C and NT-232C Released by Nest

Together with the announcement of the release of the Nest NT-6324CT Carbon Fiber Traveler Tripod posted last night, came the announcement of the release of two new Nest monopods in the US market.

The new NT-226C and NT-232C Carbon Fiber monopods share all the design and quality characteristics of the Nest "Professional Line" of tripods, offering a versatile, compact and lightweight, yet sturdy solution for tight spaces.

Although the words "Carbon Fiber" ring bells of high prices, Nest Carbon Fiber tripods and monopods won't set you back on your budget as they are priced similar to quality Aluminium alloy equivalents.

Since, these monopods are not listed in the Nest website yet, I assume that Desmond Photogrpahic Distibutors who carry the Nest line in the US, are the first to market them internationally.

The NT-226C and NT-232C Monopods

Manufacturer Specification:
Material:Carbon Fiber 8XCarbon Fiber 8X
Leg Sections:55
Maximum Leg ∅:26 mm / 1.02"32 mm / 1.26"
Minimum Leg ∅:---20 mm / 0.79"
Max Height:1500 mm / 59.0"1770 mm / 69.5"
Folded Length:432 mm / 17.0"482 mm / 19.0"
Weight:370 gr / 13 oz539 gr / 1 lb 3 oz
Max Load:15 Kg / 33 lb25 Kg / 55.10 lb

Common Features:
Nest 8X carbon fiber layers weaving
  • 1/4 of turn patented Twist leg locks.
  • 8 X Layers Carbon Fiber legs.
  • Easy conversion between 1/4" and 3/8" with reversible stud .
  • Removable wrist strap.
  • Includes carrying case, Allen hex key and instruction manual.
  • 5 Year Warranty

Besides the patented 1/4 turn twist locks of the Nest Professional Series, which were presented in detail in the Nest NT-6294CT Carbon Fiber Traveler Tripod Review, the monopods share a versatile top mounting platform with a stainless steel reversible stud.

Nest monopod 1/4" to 3/8" stud reversing sequence
The top mounting plate found on the Nest monopods maintains the two headless security screws of the tripod equivalent (one for securing the plate on the pod and the other for securing any head on the plate).  While it differs in the center hole. On the monopod plate the center hole is a hex socket that acts as a wrench for the stud nut. Using the included Allen hex key the top plate can be easily released and in a few steps the mounting stud be reversed for use either with a head featuring a 3/8" bottom thread or directly with a camera with an 1/4" socket.
Nest Monopod carrying case
A useful nylon carrying case with shoulder strap is included protecting the monopods from scratches and dust.

Further, Desmond Photographic Distributors, who carry their own brand of Desmond Quick Released clamps, have made also available a combo of the Nest monopods with the Desmond DDSC-60 Arca-Swiss® compatible Discal Clamp at a very attractive price.
Nest NT-226C Monopod w/ Desmond DDSC-60 Discal QR Clamp
The addition of the Desmond DDSC-60 60mm Discal QR Clamp on top, enhances the monopod functionality enabling quick attachment / removal of cameras or lenses equipped with an Arca dovetail QR plate.

I hope you found the information useful, thank you for viewing.
All Photos: © 2013 S.C.Vlachos

Price and Availability:
Introductory prices for the Nest CF monopods in the US market are US$ 69.97 for the NT-226C, US$ 89.97 for the NT-226C w/ Discal Clamp, also US$ 89.97 for the NT-232C and US$ 109.97 for the NT-232C w/ Discal Clamp, (+Free Shipping in the US)
All versions are currently available from Amazon.com Discontinued !

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