June 11, 2014

Desmond DACH-01 50mm Handle QR Clamp Special Offer

Desmond DACH-01 QR Clamp with handle - right
A quick release clamp that has escaped my attention for a long time is the Desmond DACH-01. I can justify that in a way, as I'm not so involved with Video, but now it simply cannot remain unnoticed.

It is now at special offer, for a ridiculous amount of just $ 9.95 !!! for a full featured clamp with a handle. Even if someone is not interested in video smooth panning and the handle, could just get the clamp and get rid of the handle.

The clamp
Manufacturer Specification:
Height:18.0 mm
Total Length with Handle:235 mm (9.25")
Jaw Length:50.0 mm (1.97")
Steel Bushing Adapter:3/8"-16 to 1/4"-20
Clamp Weight:106 gr

Although the DACH-01 has the same dimensions with the Desmond DAC-01 50mm QR Clamp (review) its design resembles more to the little larger Desmond DAC-02 60mm QR Clamp (review) since it also features a removable bubble level up front.
Desmond DACH-01 50mm Handle QR Clamp top
Same as the other Desmond clamps the DACH-01 clamp is made totally out of Aluminium with no rubber parts. A simple design with flat surfaces, two deep safety-screw relief grooves on the sides and a countersunk hole in the center which is also threaded 3/8"-16. The removable bubble level resided on a small plate, put outside the steady jaw, just opposite the screw knob.
What differs on DACH-01 compared with the other Desmond QR clamps is that it sports two holes one at each side in order to hold the quite long handle.
Desmond DACH-01 50mm Handle QR Clamp bottom
The bottom side is the same as with the DAC-01 and 02, simply flat with a crossed groove to match the usual ball head anti-twist bosses at any orientation. However there are a couple of extra, small, headless hex-socket screws intended to tighten the provided handle on either side.

Desmond DACH-01 QR Clamp with handle - left
The all metal handle may be installed in either side at the users' convenience. Or may not be installed at all if you just want the clamp.
Desmond DACH-01 included tools
Also coming with the clamp are a 1/4"-20 to 3/8"-16 conversion bushing and an Allen hex key for the tiny hex screws which hold the bubble level and the handle.

I hope you found the information useful, thank you for viewing.
All Photos by courtesy of Desmond Photographic Dist © 2013-2014

Price & Availability:
The Desmond DACH-01 Handle Clamp sells now for only US$ 9.95 compared to the RRP price of US$ 49.95 and is available from Amazon

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  1. Will this clamp work with the Sunwayfoto DP-50 since it is 9mm thick?

    1. Although the Sunwayfoto DP-50 is 9mm thick its dovetail height is still 5 mm. It will work but I would not recommend. Better use with Desmond DAC-X1 or DLVC-50 instead.


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