December 17, 2014

New Novoflex Panorama Plates Series Preview

Novoflex Panorama Plates Family overview
As I have recently mentioned in the New Novoflex VR System Slim Panorama Head Preview, along with the said head, there was a full line of Panorama Rotators introduced during the 2014 Photokina show in Cologne, Germany.

Novoflex® the Memmingen, Germany based manufacturer has redesigned and re-engineered its series of five panorama plates (rotators) from which four are new, aimed for different application fields.

Common Features
An essential feature of the new slim design is that all plates are equipped with a ball bearing which provides a smooth panning with almost zero play. Moreover, the laser engraved scale is new on all models and covers a range of  0 - 360° with digits every 10° and marks in 5° increments.

The extended bases with offset bubble spirit levels belong to the past as all new plates sport an integrated spirit level for accurate horizontal alignment.
Further, the basic model Plates are provided with a removable alignment / anti-twist pin, while the Plates equipped with a Q-System Mount QR clamp sport a safety pin and the two smaller ones an immersible locking pin.

Another common characteristic is the 3/8"-16 bottom mounting thread which features a metal 1/4"-20 reducer for compatibility with 1/4" tripod studs.

According to Novoflex special care was given so as the plates remain extremely slim, so that the use of wide-angle lenses is possible without any problems.

Panorama II

Manufacturer Specification:
Model:P II
Diameter:62 mm (2.4")
Maximum Width:86 mm (3.4")
Height:18 mm (0.7")
Camera Connector:1/4"-20
Bottom Thread w/ Metal Converter:3/8"-16 to 1/4"-20
Weight:140 gr (0.3 lb)

Novoflex Panorama II Panning Plate

PANORAMA II is the entry level panorama plate with the least bulk and weight, freely rotating for obtaining panorama shots. The clearly visible laser engraved 360° scale with 5° divisions is invaluable. With the handy locking screw the camera can be fixed in any desired position.

The NOVOFLEX panorama plate can be used with almost all commercial ball-heads with a center stud and due to its flat and stable design, it can be mounted either between tripod and ball head or ball head and camera.

Panorama 48

Manufacturer Specification:
Model:P 48
Diameter:62 mm (2.4")
Maximum Width:86 mm (3.4")
Height:18 mm (0.7")
Camera Connector:1/4"-20
Bottom Thread w/ Metal Converter:3/8"-16 to 1/4"-20
Weight:160 gr (0.3 lb)

Novoflex Panorama 48 Indexed Panning Plate

PANORAMA 48 follows the slim lines of PANORAMA II making it one of the smallest and lightest panorama indexed panning bases with four (4) integrated click stops you can find around at this moment.
Besides that though, it introduces the most innovative feature on the members of the new family of Novoflex Panorma Plates. An easy selection between the click stop increments by a small lever on the top platform. No plungers, Allen keys or detent disk exchanges are necessary.

The range of detent increments is set at (16) 22,5°, (30) 12°, (36) 10° and (48) 7,5° as well as 0 for stepless rotation. The PANORAMA 48 rotator is also part of the VR-System Slim Panorama Head where in the preview I made some comments about the click stops, which I quote here as well.
"The choice of click stops may seem too narrow for wide angle lenses but wider angles can be set by multiples of the pre-set click stops. For example you can have 8 stops every 45° by setting the lever on (16) 22,5° and count every 2 stops and so on.
Somehow, this may cause frustration to some panographers who follow a specific workflow but may also prove convenient for others."

Panorama=Q 48

Manufacturer Specification:
Model:P=Q 48
Diameter:62 mm (2.4")
Maximum Width:88 mm (3.5")
Height:30 mm (1.2")
Camera Connector:Q-System Arca-Compatible
Bottom Thread w/ Metal Converter:3/8"-16 to 1/4"-20
Weight:240 gr (0.6 lb)

Novoflex Panorama=Q 48 Indexed Panning Plate w/ Q mount

The PANORAMA=Q 48 panorama panning base incorporates all the previously mentioned features.
Maintains the detent increments of the PANORAMA 48 model at (16) 22,5°, (30) 12°, (36) 10° and (48) 7,5° but differentiates itself from it by the placement of 0 (stepless) in the front of the selecton and the integrated Novoflex Q=MOUNT quick release clamp. As forementioned in the beginning all Q-Mount QR clamps are equipped with a safety pin while the PANORAMA=Q 48 features also an immersible locking pin.

Panorama=Q 6/8 II

Manufacturer Specification:
Model:P=Q 6/8 II
Diameter:62 mm (2.4")
Maximum Width:88 mm (3.5")
Height:30 mm (1.2")
Camera Connector:Q-System Arca-Compatible
Bottom Thread w/ Metal Converter:3/8"-16 to 1/4"-20
Weight:245 gr (0.6 lb)

Novoflex Panorama=Q 6/8 II Indexed Panning Plate w/ Q mount

PANORAMA=Q 6/8 II is an improved direct replacement of the existing Panorama=Q 6/8 model following the design of the new family, actually based on the above PANORAMA=Q 48.
The only difference between the Q 48 and Q 6/8II lies in three click-stop selections which make the Plate / Rotator more appropriate for wider focal lengths.
So here the full sequence goes (0) stepless, (6) 60° and (8) 45°, (10) 36° and (48) 7,5°.

Panorama=Q Pro II

Manufacturer Specification:
Model:P=Q Pro II
Diameter:86 mm (3.4")
Maximum Width:120 mm (4.7")
Height:35 mm (1.4")
Camera Connector:Q-System Arca-Compatible
Bottom Thread w/ Metal Converter:3/8"-16 to 1/4"-20
Weight:635 gr (1.4 lb)

Novoflex Panorama=Q Pro II Indexed Panning Plate w/ Q mount

Somehow on the heavy side with a large footprint, the PANORAMA=Q PRO professional panorama plate compensates for its large foot print with its low profile, which by the way keeps the center of gravity low, due to a unique and patented (pat. pend.) rotary selector knob featuring 8 different click-stops for accurate positioning plus a stepless position.

The innovative rotary selector button can quickly set the shooting interval to:
  • 72 click stops (5°),
  • 48 click stops (7,5°),
  • 30 click stops (12°),
  • 18 click stops (20°),
  • 16 click stops (22,5°),
  • 12 click stops (30°),
  • 10 click stops (36°),
  • 8 click stops (45°)
  • and stepless (360°).
More selections for wider lenses can be attained by counting double or triple clicks.

Panographers, who like to work or experiment with different focal lengths will appreciate the quick rotary selector which eliminates plungers, wrenches etc.
The PANORAMA=Q PRO features also a quite large integrated Q=MOUNT quick-release unit with a safety pin.

Novoflex notes that all Novoflex Panorama plates equipped with a Q-System Mount can also be used with Arca-compatible quick release plates or multipurpose rails from third party manufacturers. However, I should point out that plates or rails equipped with safety stop screws at the bottom should have the safety screws removed prior to using with Q-Mount clamps.

The improved panorama plates will replace the already existing models.
New models were expected to be available right after the Photokina by the end of October, 2014 however not all of them have hit the market yet.
I hope to have individual samples available for review sometime soon, so stay tuned.

Update Feb 2015
Novoflex Panorama=Q 6/8 II Plate Review

I hope you found the information useful, thank you for viewing.
All Photos by courtesy of NOVOFLEX® ©2014

Price & Availability:
Announced prices for the new Panorama plates have as follows:
For order code: PANORAMA II, Price: € 109,00
Order code: PANORAMA 48 Price: € 189,00
Order code: PANORAMA=Q 48 Price: € 219,00
Order code: PANORAMA=Q 6/8 II Price: € 219,00
Order code: PANORAMA=Q PRO II Price: € 398,00
At this time some of the Panorama Plates seem to be available only from Novoflex in Germany. Needless to say that as soon as I have more info I shall update accordingly.

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  1. Hi, wonderful informative reviews, there brilliant, can I ask, is it possible to retract the safety pin on the novoflex Q-MOUNT panoramic clamps, I have two, one I have retracted but am unable to figure out how I did it, thanks in advance.

    1. Him Thanks for the kind comments.
      The black safety pin on top of the clamps is spring loaded, therefore you can push in if needed and should pop up again. If one is permanently recessed I suppose it is stuck.