December 22, 2014

Custom L Bracket for Nikon D750 DSLR from Sunwayfoto

Sunwayfoto PNL-D750R Custom L Bracket on Nikon D750
Sunwayfoto's announcement of the PN-D750R Custom QR plate for the Nikon D750 FX DSLR was almost immediately followed by the announcement of the equivalent L Bracket.
The PNL-D750R is an Arca-Swiss® compatible L Bracket designed specifically for the D750.

Same as the QR plate the L Bracket adheres to the long time standard manufacturing processes of all Sunwayfoto products. CNC machining from aircraft grade aluminium and anodization in Black for increased corrosion resistance.

The L Bracket
Manufacturer Specification:
Length:107 mm
Width:54.3 mm
Height:82 mm
Mounting screw thread:1/4"-20 UNC
Weight:110 gr

Sunwayfoto PNL-D750R Custom L Bracket front view
The PNL-D750R L Bracket Base Plate is flat with a higher than usual convex edge in front, insuring that the plate will not twist.
Sunwayfoto PNL-D750R Custom L Bracket front / right angle view
The vertical plate of the L bracket is equipped with two M3 safety stop screws at both ends and a lens center-axis alignment Φ mark engraved on the front side, quite unusually there, since there is a cut on the vertical plate rear side allowing for the opening of the side connector lids, even when the vertical plate is flush on the camera. 
Sunwayfoto PNL-D750R Custom L Bracket rear / left angle view
The existence of a tilting LCD screen at the rear of the camera led the designers to a flat base plate on the back. The cut on the vertical side allowing for the opening of the side connector doors, is more obvious viewed by this angle. Although, the lens center-axis alignment Φ mark is placed on the front side of the vertical plate, the same Φ mark still remains on the rear on the base plate. This is somehow awkward as it would be more convenient if both Φ marks were engraved on the same side. 
Sunwayfoto PNL-D750R Custom L Bracket bottom angle view
The L bracket is equipped with another two M3 safety stop screws at both ends at the bottom of the base plate (total four) while the base plate has an extra tapped 1/4"-20 hole for the possibility of direct mounting on a pod with similar stud. Further, the base plate bottom is obviously hollowed out for weight elimination while the L connection between the base and the vertical side plates is strengthened for better vibration resistance when extended in portrait orientation.
Somehow, the provision for easy side connectors access has led the designers to push the side vertical plate dovetail backwards so it does not align with the base plate dovetail. This fact may be a cause for frustration to some photographers.
The stainless steel mounting screw has both a hex socket and a slot for user convenience.
Sunwayfoto PNL-D750R Custom L Bracket top right angle view
Although the base plate of the PNL-D750R is flat almost the same in size and design as the PN-D750R Custom QR plate, here the strap loop on the right side has been omitted. On the other hand the captive slot of the mounting screw has been elongated in order to enable moving the L bracket away from the camera side as we'll see further down.

Attaching the L Bracket on the Camera

Sunwayfoto PNL-D750R Custom L Bracket on Nikon D750 landscape and portrait orientations
The PNL-D750R L bracket base and side plates are quite long, allowing for ample camera lateral adjustment within the QR clamp in both landscape and portrait orientations.
Sunwayfoto PNL-D750R Custom L Bracket on Nikon D750 w/ access to connectors and tilt LCD
While staying clear of the battery door, the side connector doors and the tilting LCD screen.
Sunwayfoto PNL-D750R Custom L Bracket on Nikon D750 away fom camera side
As mentioned previously attention has been paid with the shape of the vertical dovetail rear side and so as the camera side connector covers may be opened without the need of pushing away  the side plate from the camera body.
But if large connector jacks need to be accommodated for tethered shooting, the long captive slot on the base plate allows for such an adjustment, putting the vertical side plate quite far from the side connectors.

The PNL-D750R dovetail design follows Sunwayfoto's latest trend described in More of Sunwayfoto Products Adopt RRS Compatibility, since its dimensions are compatible with virtually all Arca style clamps including Really Right Stuff® lever clamps.

I hope you found the news useful, thank you for viewing.
All Photos by courtesy of Sunwayfoto ©2014

Price & Availability:
The announced retail price for the PNL-D750R L Bracket is US$ 79.00 59.95 (+Free Shipping in the US) available from Amazon,  while it is also available from eBay

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    1. Your questions are already answered in the last section of the article.
      As obvious from the photos there is enough clearance under the hand grip where is the battery compartment as well as ample space for even large plugs in portrait orientation when the L bracket is move away from the camera side.


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