January 14, 2016

Exceptional New Year Deals from Desmond Photographic

Sunwayfoto FB-36II Ball Head w/ 42L screw knob QR clamp

According to recent information received from Desmond Photographic Distribution, the new year came along with some aggressive marketing Super Deals.

2016 started out with the announcement a 40% savings on specific items purchased from Amazon.com through OEC Camera.

The qualifying items get an extra 40% discount at Amazon.com checkout independent of the price tag, so keep an eye open for them.

Of course these transactions are governed by Amazon "Terms and Conditions" where some restrictions apply.

Now what's more exceptional than applying this 40% discount to an already discounted price tag? That's exactly the case, of the Sunwayfoto FB-36II Ball Head with 42 mm Long screw-knob Quick Release clamp (introduced in the Sunwayfoto FB-Series Mk II Lightweight Ball Heads Preview).

The ball head price has dropped at US$ 99.95 and is qualifying for the 40% discount as well!

Nonetheless, there are also other Sunwayfoto products with lowered price tags, but another most amazing price limited time drop comes with the recently introduced Desmond DCF-428 Carbon Fiber Traveller Tripod Kit.
The DCF-428 + DB-40 Kit sells at an even more incredible price than it had been introduced.

You can get a lightweight and of really good quality carbon fiber traveller tripod with a 40mm ball head at a mere US$ 129.95!
It's unbelievable. You can get a full kit with what you'd spent on a premium tripod carrying bag alone.

Desmond DCF-428 Tripod Package Contents
Package includes DCF-428 Tripod, Padded case, padded shoulder strap, short metal column for ground level shooting, tools and instruction manual. Plus a Desmond DB-40 Ball Head
The discounts are valid for a limited time so if you are interested in one of these items better rush.

I hope you found the information useful, thank you for viewing.
Photos by courtesy of  Desmond Photographic and Sunwayfoto ©2014-2015

Price & Availability:
The Sunwayfoto FB-36II Ball Head sells at the price of US$ 99.95 but is eligible for an extra 40% discount at checkout from Amazon or frrom eBay

The DCF-428 + DB-40 Kit sells at US$ 129.95 and is available at this price either from Amazon or from eBay

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