April 20, 2017

Hejnar Photo Introduces First QR clamp - Ball Head Combo

Hejnar Photo 2.375" QR Clamp on Gizomos GHA-35D ball head

Hejnar Photo have decided to market their well known by now quality QR clamps in combination with a Ball head of innovative style.
This is the Gizomos GHA-35D ball head coming in a titanium-like body with black anodized ball and knobs.

Nonetheless, the ball head is CNC machined by Gizomos in China totally out of Aluminium despite the color.

The Ball Head

Manufacturer Specification:
Type:Single Drop-notch Classic
Ball Diameter:35 mm (1.378")
Base Diameter:49 mm (1.925")
Height*:69 mm (2.7")
Clamp Length:50 mm (1.96")
Bottom  Mounting Thread:3/8"-16
Body Material:CNC Aluminium
Max Load:15 Kg (33 lb)
Weight w/o QR Clamp:256 gr (9 oz)

*Height measured from base to QR plate clamping surface

What differs with this ball head is actually the ball locking concept, which has nothing to do with the usual Arca style exercising pressure below the ball or the RRS style where the body is a clam constricting the ball sideways.
Here the ball friction and final lock is controlled via a ratcheted lever which brings together the upper and lower part of the head body, thus constricting the ball from top to bottom. I'm not sure which is better but this approach is very simple with very few moving parts, so eventually little may go wrong.

Gizomos GHA-35D ball head lock and pan lock detail
Gizomos GHA-35D ball head lock lever and pan lock knob detail.
Otherwise, the design follows the standard path for a panning base and a separate pan-lock knob on the perimeter of the base.

The clamp

Manufacturer Specification:
Jaw Length:2.375" (6.32 cm)
Weight:114 gr (4.61 oz)
Center Countersunk hole:1 x Threaded 3/8"-16
Screw Knob Type:One piece Long Black. 
Captive Screw Knob:Stops at maximum opening
Material:CNC 6061-T6 Aluminium
Color:Black hard coat anodized
Hardware:Stainless Steel
Made in :USA

The quick release clamp installed on the GHA-35D ball head is a variation of the classic Hejnar F62 QR clamp (review) with a long black knob, but without side mounting holes inherent in almost all large size clamps.

Hejnar Photo 2.375" QR Clamp on Gizomos GHA-35D
Hejnar Photo 2.375" QR Clamp is mounted on the Gizomos GHA-35D via a SS M6 hex screw.

In short the clamp shares the Hejnar QR clamp features:

  • 2.6 mm deep relief grooves which guarantee compatibility with most plates/rails safety screws. 
  • Screw Knob is captive and stops at maximum opening. 
  • Tongue-in-pocket Design protects internal parts from dust and grit and prevents the tendency of the moving jaw to hinge backward during clamping, It keeps the jaws aligned with the geometry of the plate and eliminating unwanted bending forces on the threaded stud.

For full details of the clamp attributes, please see the above-mentioned review.

I hope you found the information useful, thank you for viewing.
All Photos by courtesy of Hejnar Photo © 2017 Chris Hejnar

Price & Availability:
Current price for the GIZOMOS-GHA-35D combo is US$ 115.00 (+Shipping where applicable) and is available now from the Hejnar Photo online Store.

If you are interested in the product, do check the Recommended Sellers page for a valid Hejnar Photo discount coupon before ordering.

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