November 11, 2017

Sunwayfoto GH-01 Carbon Fiber Gimbal Head Released

Sunwayfoto GH-01 Gimbal Head overview

Sunwayfoto have finally released their GH-01 heavy duty Carbon Fiber Gimbal head which we saw in the Sneak Peek of Sunwayfoto Heavy Duty Carbon Fiber Gimbal Head last August.
The final product has been improved and reinforced at many points. Nonetheless, some changes are obvious, while others are invisible to the end user. In any case the overall stability and balancing were improved.

Smoothness and fluidity of motion were good but now are even better giving the sense of really high end product. As we can see from the spec chart below it is relatively light due to the Carbon Fiber arm, yet with a high capacity for loads reaching 23 kg (50.7 lb)

The Gimbal Head

Manufacturer Specification:
Material:Carbon Fiber / Aluminum 
Length:230 mm
Height:260 mm
Base Diameter:64 mm
Width of QR Plate:80 mm
Mounting screw thread:3/8"-16 UNC
Net Weight:1.35 Kgr
Load Capacity:23 Kgr

The most obvious change, is something I had requested and comes out very nice and is the lens cradle clamp (or L clamp as called by Sunwayfoto), which has been elongated and reinforced.
Now longer lens feet as well as less usual combinations of lightweight camera with heavy lenses or vise versa; can be balanced more easily and clamped more securely.
Other changed concern the addition of safety stop screws at both ends of the vertical arm, in order to prevent the cradle from falling off when loosened.

Sunwayfoto GH-01 Gimbal Head on T2C40C CF Tripod
Sunwayfoto GH-01 Gimbal Head on the Sunwayfoto T2C40C CF Tripod.

Detailed dimensions of all parts are displayed below with emphasis to the obviously enhanced quick release clamp.

Sunwayfoto GH-01 Gimbal Head dimensions
Sunwayfoto GH-01 Gimbal Head exact dimensions

As I had said in the pre-production model preview, the GH-01 is a robust structure with a large and wide panning base which gives multi-point support to a thick J arm made of carbon fiber. The upper tilting rotator, the swinging arm, the lens cradle and all knobs are CNC machined from high density Aluminium.
Precision and quality fitting all over without any plastic or rubber parts whatsoever. Nonetheless, a full test of the final production model is planned. So keep tuned.

Mounted with Camera and Telephoto Lens

As I have already mentioned many times, the most important part in the design of a high quality Gimabal Head is to allow for absolute balancing. It is imperative that a camera combined with a long and heavy lens can be balanced on its center of gravity.

Sunwayfoto GH-01 Gimbal w/ Nikon camera and telephoto
Sunwayfoto GH-01 Gimbal supporting a Nikon camera and large telephoto lens.

In this way it will be able to move freely in all directions being able to follow a moving subject with fluid and smooth motion.Yet stay put in any position without the need to tighten the head knobs.

Sunwayfoto GH-01 Gimbal w/ Nikon camera and telephoto tilted
Sunwayfoto GH-01 Gimbal wiht Nikon camera and large telephoto lens in tilted positions.

Packing and Contents

The GH-01 comes in a padded nylon case with pre-cut foam for the head parts and accessories. The Gimbal Head is accompanied by a 80 mm long lens plate with ridge and 4 M3 safety screws with the appropriate size Allen wrench.

Sunwayfoto GH-01 Gimbal in padded case
Sunwayfoto GH-01 Gimbal comes in padded case.

I hope you found the information useful, thank you for viewing.
All Photos by courtesy of Sunwayfoto ©2017

Price & Availability:
Introductory price for the GH-01 Gimbal Head is at US$ 390.00 (+Shipping where applicable) and at this time is available in limited quantities from Amazon or from eBay

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1 comment :

  1. I have recently received a question by a reader considering the use of the GH-01 to shoot panos. So as it might be of interest to other readers as well, I submit the answer below:

    The Sunwayfoto GH-01 is designed primarily as a Gimbal Head, which can carry and balance heavy loads of large telephoto lenses giving them the ability to tilt and swivel following fast moving objects.
    However, there is a provision of degree scales in both horizontal and vertical plains. A full 360° scale for horizontal panning and a +/- 180° scale on the vertical tilt arm.
    Since the cradle clamp, that holds the lens foot is centered above the horizontal panning axis, then after centering the lens also with the vertical tilting axis you can use the head to shoot panoramas with a telephoto lens.
    Considering, the long range of telephoto lenses there is no need for parallax correction. If you still want to use a telephoto lens to shoot closer, then you can adjust the lens by its foot plate within the cradle clamp.
    Of course you might need extra long lens plates with some telephoto lenses, mounted backwards, as their NPP (Non Parallax Point / Nodal Point) is found behind the lens mount.

    If on the other hand you want to shoot panoramas with wide angle lenses, you should better invest in a more compact and absolutely more versatile Panoramic Head like the Sunwayfoto CR-3015 or CR-3015A Medium Size Panorama Heads, which are designed exactly for this purpose. In addition, it is less expensive.

    If anyone needs any more clarifications, please ask in the comments below.