October 25, 2011

The basic Long Lens Support Bracket idea (Part 2)

Basic Long Lens Support Bracket - rear side overview
The simplest, lightest and most economical solution is to get a long rail and an LLSB.

This is most suitable for fixed focal length lenses and if the LLSB is going to be used with only one lens.

It can also be utilized with an extending zoom lens but only at a specific focal length, most probably the longest one where it actually would be more useful.

Basic Long Lens Support Bracket components
This basic LLSB idea relies on the latest version of  Hejnar Photo G13-80 rail and the Hejnar Photo LLS bracket.
The G13-80 rail is 8" long by 1/2" thick with a 12mm bubble level, three captive slots and an 1/4"-20 threaded hole in the front. The rail comes with two extra 1/4"-20 captive screws and two Allen hex keys, one for the 1/4" screws and one for the M3 stop screws under the rail respectively.
The dowel pin pictured above is my addition as we can see further down.
Hejnar Photo G13-80 rail bottom w/ screws+tools
The bottom side of the G13-80 rail is almost identical with the older G010-80 except for the shorter first captive slot in order to accommodate the bubble level. As all Hejnar rails is equipped with two M3 stop screws one at each end.
Hejnar Photo G13-80 rail front holes + dowel pin
In this new version an important detail is the addition of two dowel pin holes aside the front hole for alignment purposes. Originally designed for clamp alignment after a short inspection I found out that they can also serve for the alignment of the LLS bracket. When a dowel pin is inserted in the hole matches quite nicely with the grooves on the back side of the LLSB.
Hejnar Photo LLSB-R2 attached on G13-80 rail front hole
The assembly is simple, just by screwing the LLS bracket in the front hole at the lowest position, until the rail is attached to the lens foot. Total weight 203gr (0.45lb) and total cost if purchased as a package around US $ 90.00 plus shipping.

Basic LLSB mounted on Canon EF100-400L-IS-USM lens foot
The next steps are to screw the long rail on the lens collar foot with -in this case- one or more 1/4"-20 captive screws and then adjust upwards and tighten the LLSB, so as to contact and support the front part of the lens. The closer to the front the LLSB can be put the better.
Basic LLSB on Canon EF100-400L-IS-USM - on Ball head

Basic Long Lens Support Bracket - front overview
The whole assembly can then be mounted and balanced on an Arca Swiss® compatible head.

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All Photos: © 2011 S.C.Vlachos

The above mentioned components are available from the Hejnar Photo online store in the Lens Support section

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