September 28, 2012

Triopo GT-3228X8C Carbon Fiber Traveler Tripod Update

Updated Triopo GT-3228X8C Carbon Fiber Traveler Tripod w/ bag overview

The popularity of Triopo GT-3228X8C Carbon Fiber Traveler Tripod Review during the past months urged me to make a small research, about the improvements made (or not made) on the tripod, during this period.
Considering the inconsistencies met between different sites as well as on Triopo's own website plus the reluctance of some resellers to provide information, conducting a research was not the easiest thing to do, trust me.

Somehow, my communication with one of Triopo resellers, Foto-Morgen GmbH in Germany proved fruitful, as they kindly provided information and photos of the latest GT-3228X8C version.

As we shall see further, major changes / improvements were made on the top mounting plate, the center column protective rings and the addition of retractable spikes on the leg rubber feet.

Top mounting plate

The black anodized aluminium top mounting plate which I had criticized originally, has been replaced with a reinforced black rubberized top plate.

Updated Triopo GT-3228X8C top mounting plate detail
Photo by courtesy of

The new plate has a hex cavity accepting a steel nut which now tightens the plate on the center column via the reversible stud.

Compared to the old top plate, this is quite an improvement, protecting the ball head base as well as preventing from accidental unscrewing of the head.

Center Column

Minor changes have been made also to the center column protective rings. Or maybe ring as there was only one in the previews version.

Former Triopo GT-3228X8C long center column components
Just for a reminder reference, in the previous version there was a black ring between the aluminium top mounting plate and the center column, while the hook screwed directly at the bottom of the center column.
Updated Triopo GT-3228X8C long center column components
The new version has two orange soft-rubber rings one going under the top mounting plate and the other at the bottom between the hook and the center column. Despite the orange colour which is a little fancy for my taste, the new rings play a damping role for bangs against the leg hub (spider) when the center column is fully retracted or extended abruptly. As there were incidents of broken screw hooks with the previous version this will prevent it from happening.
Updated Triopo GT-3228X8C spring hook & rubber rings
A closer inspection reveals a strap hole on the top rubber ring, which may prove helpful when one leg is converted into a monopod. The lower ring that goes with the screw hook is larger, acting also as a bumper for the tripod legs hitting against the center column, when folded-in normally.

Leg Rubber-Spiked Feet

Last but not least is the replacement of the leg rubber feet caps met on the older version with rubber feet that integrate screw-in spikes.

The new rubber feet are more suitable to a traveler tripod meant to be used mostly outdoors.

Updated Triopo GT-3228X8C rubber feet w/ screw in spikes
Photo by courtesy of

The spikes are not very long but will be useful on rocky and / or icy terrain while they also reinforce the last leg section tip.
One of the to do things in my list is to check whether these screw in feet can be interchanged with long spikes more suitable for muddy terain or soil covered with leaves.

Box contents addition

Besides the carrying case, shoulder strap, short center column and Allen hex key found also in the previous version, there is also a second rubberized top plate with an extra stud included in the box. Nice addition, since this facilitates the quick conversion of the foam-gripped leg into a monopod without having to disassemble the long center column.

Extra top mounting plate w/ reversible stud

The changes and improvements found on the GT-3228X8C latest version proves that Triopo engineers have an open ear to positive criticism, which is beneficial both for Triopo and especially the end users.
One issue though, that remains to be solved is the availability of spare parts for those that would like to upgrade or simply maintain an older tripod. But I will come back on the matter as soon as I have some official information.

Update: Nov 2012
Spare parts and accessories available directly from Triopo factory
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Update: Dec 2012
How to Upgrade Triopo GT-3228X8C Tripod with Retractable Steel Spikes

Update: Sep 2013
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Note: As there are variations of the height and versions offered by different suppliers, I should once again point out that caution should be taken before ordering the Triopo GT-3228X8C tripod. I suggest that you communicate with the supplier first.

I hope you found the information useful, thank you for viewing.
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Price & Availability:
Current Price of the updated GT-3228X8C CF Tripod is EUR 175,00 (+Shipping where applicable)
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