April 18, 2013

SONY NEX-7 Specific Plate & L Bracket from Sunwayfoto - Preview

Sunwayfoto PSL-N7 specific L bracket for SONY NEX-7

Sunwayfoto PS-N7 and PS-N7L plates are the next dedicated answer from Sunwayfoto to the Sony mirrorless camera users and specifically the NEX-7 top model.
The combination of PS-N7 specific plate with PS-7NL L side plate gives the PSL-7N specific L Bracket.

This is their second modular base plate + L bracket combo after the introduction of the PCL-1DX Custom L Bracket for Canon, in their expanding line of Arca-Swiss® compatible Specific Quick Release Plates and L brackets.

The PS-N7 Plate

Manufacturer Specification:
Length:82 mm
Width:40 mm
Mounting size:40x40 mm
Thickness:39 mm
Mounting screw thread:1/4"-20 UNC
Weight:24 gr (inc screw)
Sunwayfoto PS-N7 specific plate side/ front

Sunwayfoto PS-N7 side/ front small
Sunwayfoto PS-N7 Arca-Swiss® compatible specific quick release plate is 82 mm long occupying most of the Sony Nex-7 base. Two convex edges at the front act as stoppers and prevent the plate from twisting. Despite its deceptive large size, every effort has been made to eliminate excess weight bringing it down to a mere 24 gr. including the steel screw. Which is about 35-40% less than a common Arca-Swiss compatible camera plate.
Sunwayfoto PS-N7 top view
Sunwayfoto PS-N7 bottom view
Both the top and bottom photos above reveal the deep CNC curving on all surfaces, for weight elimination, the centrally located 1/4"-20 captive mounting screw and an extra 1/4"-20 threaded hole for monopod mounting without having to remove the QR plate.
The dovetail base is 39 x 39 mm square permitting the bidirectional mounting of the camera on an Arca-Swiss® compatible Quick Release Clamp.

Mounting the plate on the Camera

Sunwayfoto PS-N7 on SONY NEX-7 back view
As we can see in the illustration above, the base plate occupies all the width under the LCD screen ...
Sunwayfoto PS-N7 on SONY NEX-7 bottom view
...Starting from the left edge and stopping just before the battery door hing enabling the unobstructed exchange of batteries. As we shall see later, the width and edge placement is justified by the L bracket option.
SONY NEX-7+Sunwayfoto PS-N7 on  FB-44 ball head - back
The PS-7N convex edges sit against the front panel of the camera, leaving the back free for once more unobstructed raise and tilt of the LCD screen
SONY NEX-7+Sunwayfoto PS-N7 on  FB-44 ball head - side
As seen quite clearly in the photo above with NEX-7 equipped with PS-N7 and clamped on Sunwayfotto FB-44 ball head.

The PSL-N7 L Bracket

Manufacturer Specification:
Length:82 mm
Width:40 mm
Mounting size:39x39 mm
Total Height:54.5 mm
Mounting screw thread:1/4"-20 UNC
Weight:32 gr
Sunwayfoto PSL-N7 specific L Bracket

Sunwayfoto PS-N7 base plate + PS-N7L side plate + tools
As mentioned in the beginning the addition of the PS-N7L vertical L side via two small M3 hex socket screws on the left edge of the PS-N7 base plate, gives the modular Sunwayfoto PSL-N7 specific L Bracket. The L side adds only a few grams raising the total weight to an unbelievably low number for an L bracket of 32 gr. !

Sunwayfoto PS-N7L side plate
A closer view of the very slim PS-N7L side L plate reveals the small captive mounting holes for the M3 screws that reside in a slightly off-center extension at the bottom.
Sunwayfoto PS-N7L side plate attachment screws detail
The L side can be easily mounted by the user with the included Allen hex key. It may be dismounted at will not so much for saving weight but for camera handling convenience. Or should I say nose convenience, as the NEX-7 viewfinder eye piece is just on the top left corner (see photos below). 
Sunwayfoto PSL-N7 L bracket back view
Another remarkable attribute of the L side plate is its thickness. Just thick enough for the formation of the dovetail, once again eliminating any excess weight possible.
Sunwayfoto PSL-N7 L bracket side view
The PS-N7L off-center mounting extension matches and aligns perfectly with the PS-N7 base plate dovetail. Meaning that at either landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) position the camera will maintain the same distance from the subject.
Sunwayfoto PSL-N7 L bracket front view

Mounting the Bracket on the Camera

Sunwayfoto PSL-N7 on SONY NEX-7 side/back view
The PS-N7L side reaches the same height as the LCD screen, a bit lower than the strap hook. While the opening permits full access to the camera side connectors.
Sunwayfoto PSL-N7 on SONY NEX-7 back view
Sunwayfoto PSL-N7 on SONY NEX-7 side/bottom view
Sunwayfoto PSL-N7 on SONY NEX-7 bottom view
The PSL-N7 fits nicely and embraces the Sony NEX-7 body adding a minimal extra to the camera dimensions and weight.

I hope you found the article useful, thank you for viewing.
All Photos used by permission: © 2012 Sunwayfoto.com

Price & Availability:
The current retail price for the PS-N7 plate is US$ 38.00 20.30 while for the PSL-N7 L bracket is 63.00 and are available from Amazon

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