June 6, 2013

New Hejnar Photo QR Clamp for Manfrotto 244 Magic Arm Preview

Hejnar Photo M244 QR clamp on Manfrotto 244 Magic Arm
Hejnar Photo have released a new Arca-Swiss® compatible Quick Release clamp for Manfrotto® 244 Variable Friction Magic Arm.

Either by mounting on the 1/4"-20 socket end of the Magic Arm or by removing any existing RC system from it you can convert 244 Magic Arm to standard Arca-Swiss® connections.

The Clamp

Manufacturer Specification:
Jaw Length:60 mm (2.375")
Mounting Hole:Counter Sunk and threaded 3/8"-16
Safety Stop Relief Grooves:Two 2.6mm deep
Design:Tongue-in-pocket *
Weight:100 gr (3.53 oz)
Material:6061-T6 Aluminium, Black hard coat anodized
Hardware:Stainless Steel
Made in:U.S.A.

*Protects internal parts from dust and grit. It does prevent the tendency of the moving jaw to hinge backward during clamping, It keeps the jaws aligned with the geometry of the plate and eliminating unwanted bending forces on the threaded stud.

The new clamp is based on the classic Hejnar Photo F62 QR Clamp but without the extra mounting holes and follows the design of the Updated Hejnar PHOTO QR Clamps introduced recently, which feature laser engraved scales at 1 mm intervals, longer lines every 5 mm and numbers every 10 mm. The numbering begins from the center Φ mark increasing outwards on both sides.
This is very helpful for a precise camera base plate or lens plate adjustment within the clamp either fore-aft or laterally depending of course on the orientation of the dovetail plate.

Hejnar Photo M244 QR Clamp + Accessories
Hejnar Photo M244 Quick Release Clamp is accompanied by one 1/4"-20 flat-head hex screw and a matching 4 mm Allen hex key.

Hejnar Photo M244 QR Clamp on Manfrotto M244 Magic Arm
Hejnar Photo M244 QR Clamp attached on Manfrotto® M244 Magic Arm.

I hope you found the information useful, thanks for viewing.
Photos by courtesy of Hejnar Photo ©2013 Chris Hejnar

Price and Availability:
Current price for the FM244 QR Clamp is US$ 65.00 (+Shipping where applicable) and is available from Hejnar Photo Store.

If you are interested in the clamp, do check the Recommended Sellers page for a valid Hejnar Photo discount coupon before ordering.

Manfrotto 244N Magic Arm w/o Camera bracket is available from Amazon

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