August 19, 2013

E-Image EI-7500 Hi-Hat is Now Available

It is well known to videographers that the use of a Hi-Hat facilitates shots from the lowest possible position, but also from atop of awkward places, where actually a heavy video tripod could not fit.

The E-Image EI-7500 Baby Video Tripod is a Hi-Hat that stands 115 mm (6.1") high and weighs 2.4 kg (4lb 12oz).
Most important feature is its 100 mm half-bowl which can accommodate both 100 mm and 75 mm ball video heads via a removable insert.

The feet are already mounted on a stabilizing triangular plate,  are rubber padded to protect delicate surfaces and have 5 slots, one longer and 4 smaller so that each one can be independently bolted down to any convenient surface like a table, a ladder, a roof, a sheet of plywood or even an apple-box.
Maximum load is rated to 50 Kg (110 lb) !!!

Price & Availability:
Current price of the EI-7500 Hi-Hat is US$ 189.00 and is available from Amazon or from eBay

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