August 20, 2013

New Desmond DGZA-1 Arca Compatible Plate Adapter for Gitzo Heads

Desmond Photographic Distribution has enriched their Gitzo® line of accessories announcing a new Arca-Swiss® compatible adapter plate for Gitzo® Ball and Pan head quick release system.

Unlike some plastic counterparts the Desmond DGZA-1 is made entirely of Aluminium in one piece design, promising durability and precision.

As for its weight, it's only 21 gr (74oz).

The DGZA-1 Arca adapter allows use of Arca-Swiss® dovetail design camera or lens plates on a Gitzo® head while it remains compliant with the security pins and latches on the head.

According to the manufacturers it was tested with RRS and...
...Sunwayfoto plates, and is a perfect fit.

In my opinion, RRS and Sunwayfoto plates represent the two extremes in dovetail width and thickness design, so anything in between may be compatible.
However, it should be noted that variations in dovetail designs between different manufacturers are numerous, therefore the adapter may not be able to accommodate all Arca style plates in the market.

Price & Availability:
Current price for Desmond DGZA-1 Plate Adapter is US$ 24.95 12.95 and is available from Amazon or from eBay

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